Friday, December 13

Archival.02 EX.EP  AUXTR010

Artist:  ASC

Title:  Archival.02 EX.EP

1 - Debris

2 - Cardinal Sin

3 - Space Dub

4 - Rare Earth

5 - Isthmus

6 - Pulsate

7 - You & Me

8 - Los Angeles 2019

ASC brings 2013 to a close for Auxiliary with his second extended EP (EX.EP) collating tracks from his archives.  Many of the tracks featured here were written solely for the purpose of mixes and most with the Auxiliary monthly podcast, Auxcast, in mind.  Archival.01 EX.EP came out way back in 2011, so what better time to do some spring cleaning and unleash these gems onto the public.

Debris starts things off with ominous proceedings, before the heavy bass and rhythmic elements set in to give the track structure.  The serene vibes of Cardinal Sin follows suit, before making way for the astral vibes of Space Dub.  Rare Earth brings us back down to more rustic styles set awash stop and start percussion, while Isthmus introduces dub techno stabs and keys and keeps things seriously laidback.  Pulsate is a homage to The Orb in many ways, while You & Me returns the tempo to a seriously melancholy relaxed affair.  Ending the EP is the Blade Runner homage, Los Angeles 2019, which fans of the film will know what to expect just from the title of this track.

Worth noting that Space Dub was written in collaboration to launch a custom surfboard by Erik Olsen.  More info on that can be found at:

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Matt B said...

LA2019... such a nice synth riff around 3min. Woke up one morning a few months ago with that stuck in my head and had no idea where it came from. So glad to have found it again!

Really enjoying the other tracks as well, great moods and vibes. Excellent close to an excellent year for Auxiliary. Just keeps getting better and better!

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