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I've recently just completed my first film score for the upcoming movie, Bottom Of The World.  Directed by Richard Sears, this film is a psychological thriller following the story of a young couple who spend the night in a desert town only to find their world turned upside down.  I'll post some examples once the film is out, but until then you can always check the IMDB page here:

Both of these spots were TV adverts I did for a teen pregnancy awareness campaign by, airing on Mississippi TV stations.  All music and sound design by myself and both commercials directed by Richard Sears.

I also recently decided to start rescoring scenes from movies.  This was something of a challenge, as with the Moon one, for instance, I already knew and loved the music, so putting my own take on it without being influenced by someone as good as Clint Mansell, was a daunting task.  I hope you like what I did.

I've also had music featured on the television programs such as America's Most Wanted, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Frontline (documentaries), Portlandia, Dateline NBC, Big Break, Mary Mary and This Week In Baseball to name but a few.

I'll be posting more of my work in this area as and when.  If you are a director and are looking for unique custom music for your work, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at asc(at)auxiliarymusic(dot)com


digifruitella said...

your shit was MADE for visuals. I'm glad you posted these up, I didn't know you already had this collaborated like this. Now it just drives me more and more to finish Error Code. I'm really close! Wooo

map0826 said...

hey man love your work. Keep evolving.

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