I always seem to forget about this blog and end up making an update post to recap everything I've missed. I'm not even sure if this blog is needed or relevant anymore, what with social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Discord being the main ones we use to inform you all about what's happening with all things ASC and Auxiliary related. Anyway, that being said, I'll do a little round up here.
So it's fast approaching the two year anniversary for Spatial, which is in April. Not that a two-year anniversary is anything to celebrate, but I guess my train of thought here is looking back at the amount of music we've released on vinyl in that time. We're up to SPTL025 as the last bundle we released, and we've just dropped pre-orders for the first two LP's on the label - one by myself, and one by Aural Imbalance.To top that off, we've just launched pre-orders for SPTL026/027/028, which are available together as part of bundle #9.

Plenty more to keep your eyes on this year also, with SPTL029/SPTL030/SPTL031, and CRVT003/CRVT004 all due to drop on pre-order May 3rd. There'll be a slight pause in proceedings during June, as we're releasing an ambient album by myself and Sam KDC on Auxiliary, just to switch things up a bit. Really excited for all the music we have lined up this year. There's still some really big surprises ready to be unleashed, but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself and ruin any surprises.

Anyway, I'm sure you all know the links to be checking, but if not:


Spatial Bundle 5















Spatial 014-016 are now available for pre-order, featuring the next collaborative EP from ASC & Aural Imbalance entitled The Other Side, Aural Imbalance's Isolation Pattern, and ASC's Thematic Function. Bundle #5 includes three individual printed inserts designed by Process Studios. These are hand-numbered and are limited to 100. See pics for info. This will be a short pre-order and shipping will be around 30th June 2023. Links below:

Bundle #5 (includes all 3 vinyl + all 3 printed inserts) - https://auxva.bandcamp.com/album/spatial-bundle-005
SPTL014 - ASC & Aural Imbalance - The Other Side - https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/the-other-side
SPTL015 - Aural Imbalance - Isolation Pattern - https://aispatial.bandcamp.com/album/isolation-pattern
SPTL016 - ASC - Thematic Function - https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/thematic-function

Finally, the Spatial website has been updated with audio clips and as usual, you can find all the links on our Linktree, and if you'd like to join our Discord server, link for that is also below:



The Depths Of Space (Over/Shadow OSHLP/02)

ASC - The Depths Of Space

(Over/Shadow) OSHLP/02 Available to order now: https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/the-depths-of-space-lp

An accompanying mix in the form of Bleep Mix #262 is also available to download today at: https://bleep.com/bleep-mix-262--asc

And also on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNE_Xb2Zxr0

Spatial Bundle 4 & Spatial Bundle 1 (Repress)

Spatial 010/011/012 are now available for pre-order, featuring two outings from ASC (Sea Of Dreams / Falling Through Time) and The Light Within from Aural Imbalance. Bundle #4 includes a Spatial tote bag with a double sided print. See pics for info. Shipping will be late May 2023. Links below:

Bundle #4 (includes all 3 vinyl + tote bag) - https://auxva.bandcamp.com/album/spatial-bundle-004

SPTL010 - ASC - Sea Of Dreams - https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/sea-of-dreams
SPTL011 - Aural Imbalance - The Light Within - https://aispatial.bandcamp.com/album/the-light-within
SPTL012 - ASC - Falling Through Time - https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/falling-through-time

Bundle #1 (Repress) - Includes repressed variants of SPTL001/002/003 - https://auxva.bandcamp.com/album/spatial-bundle-001

The Spatial website has been updated with audio clips and as usual, you can find all the links on our Linktree:

The Spatial Podcast

Introducing The Spatial Podcast. Phase One is mixed by myself, and features a selection of some of some of my faves from the 90's that many would consider classics.

Download: HERE

Spatial 007 / 008 / 009


Spatial 007-009 are now available for pre-order. Featuring the first collaborative EP by ASC & Aural Imbalance (007), and separate EP's from ASC (008) and Aural Imbalance (009).

There's no merchandise this time around, like t-shirts or slipmats, as we figured we'd keep the price down with it being an expensive time of the year. There's a bundle on offer, which will help you save on postage costs if you plan on buying all three, and you'll also get a free die-cut brushed aluminium limited edition Spatial logo/text sticker. The pre-order window will be slightly longer this time, to give you plenty of time over the festive period. Shipping will be early February 2023.

Bundle: https://auxva.bandcamp.com/album/spatial-bundle-003
SPTL007 - ASC & Aural Imbalance - Interstellar Transmissions - https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/interstellar-transmissions
SPTL008 - ASC - Perpetual Motion - https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/perpetual-motion
SPTL009 - Aural Imbalance - Planetary Formation - https://aispatial.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-formation

There'll be a Spatial Show on Blast Radio today (Friday 2nd Dec) at 2pm PST / 10pm GMT. Please tune in at: https://www.blastradio.com/asc

The Spatial website has been updates with audio clips and as usual, you can find all the links on our Linktree.


Drum & Lace - Remixed

Forgot to mention in the update post that this is also out now on Past Inside The Present. No vinyl this time though, just cassette and digital. Features atmospheric dnb remixes by Aural Imbalance and one by myself. Also included is some lovely ambient reworks by zakรจ, marine eyes, and Simon's Inhmost guise.

Update time

As tradition goes, I forget about maintaining the blog and end up having to do a big update post. So here we are again, just past the middle of November, with a new update post. Old habits die hard I guess...
Anyway, so what have I missed telling you about? 
August saw the release of my second 12" for Over/Shadow. Black Rain / Sixth Sense came out to critical acclaim, featuring EP of the week at Bleep, and mentions on the Bandcamp Daily round up of the best new music. There'll be more music forthcoming on Over/Shadow in 2023, but more on that nearer the time. 

I contributed a track by the name of Contemplation to Headphone Commute's 'For Ukraine (Volume 3', which was a charity compilation with all the proceeds going to help the people of Ukraine during this ongoing crisis.
Spatial 004, 005 and 006 were released. Two EP's by myself (A Storm In Space 004 and Quantum State 006) and one by Simon (Aural Imbalance 005). These are selling pretty quick, so if you don't want to miss out, I'd suggest not hesitating. We are repressing 001, 002 and 003 in different colours, but there's no guarantee we'll keep repressing every release once it's sold out. It'll all depend on demand obviously.

So after these dropped, the follow up to Original Soundtrack, another piano-infused ambient album by the name of Colours Of Absence came out on Auxiliary. This is out now on 2 x clear vinyl with a lovely picture sleeve.

Hot on the heels of that was my debut EP for Past Inside The Present, which feature another four slices of mid 90's atmospheric drum & bass nostalgia, much in the same vein as the Spatial releases. Eye Of The Storm is out now on vinyl, with the added coolness that each piece of vinyl is a different colour, and there's no telling which one you'll get, but it'll be unique exclusively to you.

Forthcoming is a remix for Joachim Spieth on an album of ambient remixes called Reshapes. This will be due out on Affin very soon. 
We've just put up pre-orders for the next two vinyl reissues from my Silent Season ambient album works. Fervent Dream and Truth Be Told will both be available on 2x12" format with full colour picture sleeve, featuring the same iconic artwork by Danthon that the original CD's featured.
On top of that, Spatial 007/008/009 will be going up for pre-order on December 2nd, but keep that to yourself for now. Shhh...
Links for everything can be found on my Linktree: https://linktr.ee/asc77
Until I end up forgetting about the blog and do a big update once again...

Deep Space Mix 34

Download: HERE

And of course, if you're new to the Deep Space Mix Series, or missed an episode over the years, check the archive. Link in the nav panel to the right, or if you're on mobile, click HERE

Update time

It's been a while since the last update post, and there's a lot to tell you about. So without further ado... 

By now you've probably seen and heard all the news regarding my new label Spatial. The first three releases are available to pre-order now and are selling fast. If we repress these, it probably won't be for at least six months, so if you're planning on getting a copy, it would be wise to act fast. I'm not one to hype stuff up just for the sake of trying to get sales, but I'd hate for you to miss out if you're after the vinyl. Spatial 004, 005, and 006 have all been sent off to manufacturing, and we're expecting an October release with these. 

This next batch of releases sees another two records by myself, and Volume Two of Utopian Society by Aural Imbalance. We've also finished a collaboration 12" which will be Spatial 007, but that probably won't be out until December/January 2023 at the earliest. 

Back on the ambient tip, I've got a piano and string based album coming out very soon on A Strangely Isolated Place called 'Original Soundtrack'. This is looking like it'll be a July/August release all being well. More info nearer the time of release of course. In other immediate news, I'm happy to report there's a deep emotive techno track coming out on Semantica's 150th vinyl release compilation, called Draw The Line. My track is entitled 'Evocation' and will feature on the 3 x 12" vinyl release very soon. 

The next two Auxiliary releases should be out in July. AUX025 is by myself, and features four remixes of AUX015 - Return Of The Emissary. AUX026 is Sciama's debut vinyl release for the label, and is something I'm super excited about. Four incredible compositions by Michael that you'll have heard a few of by now, in mixes by myself and on Blast Radio too. 

Speaking of Blast Radio, Deep Space Mix 34 will drop tomorrow on the blog, after I debut it live on Blast. If you'd like to tune in for that, then I'll be live on Blast at 2pm PST / 10pm GMT. You can listen via the app on iOS/Android, or simply via the browser at http://blastradio.com/ASC  

Finally, there's more music for Over/Shadow in the form of Black Rain/Sixth Sense, which will be OSH/15. There's another project for Over/Shadow too, which hopefully might see light of day this year, but I can't say too much about it just yet other than I'm REALLY excited about it. There's also a handful of other things that will hopefully be coming out this year, but I can't give any futher details at this point. 

Keep checking the blog periodically, or follow me on Twitter for updates - https://twitter.com/ASC

Peace ASC

Spatial show / Blast Radio 4/3/22

I've uploaded the recent show from Blast Radio to Audius. Listen below:
Also on YouTube, thanks to CreativeRepublic
ASC - Spatial Launch Show 4th March 2022