Deep Space Mix 34

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Update time

It's been a while since the last update post, and there's a lot to tell you about. So without further ado... 

By now you've probably seen and heard all the news regarding my new label Spatial. The first three releases are available to pre-order now and are selling fast. If we repress these, it probably won't be for at least six months, so if you're planning on getting a copy, it would be wise to act fast. I'm not one to hype stuff up just for the sake of trying to get sales, but I'd hate for you to miss out if you're after the vinyl. Spatial 004, 005, and 006 have all been sent off to manufacturing, and we're expecting an October release with these. 

This next batch of releases sees another two records by myself, and Volume Two of Utopian Society by Aural Imbalance. We've also finished a collaboration 12" which will be Spatial 007, but that probably won't be out until December/January 2023 at the earliest. 

Back on the ambient tip, I've got a piano and string based album coming out very soon on A Strangely Isolated Place called 'Original Soundtrack'. This is looking like it'll be a July/August release all being well. More info nearer the time of release of course. In other immediate news, I'm happy to report there's a deep emotive techno track coming out on Semantica's 150th vinyl release compilation, called Draw The Line. My track is entitled 'Evocation' and will feature on the 3 x 12" vinyl release very soon. 

The next two Auxiliary releases should be out in July. AUX025 is by myself, and features four remixes of AUX015 - Return Of The Emissary. AUX026 is Sciama's debut vinyl release for the label, and is something I'm super excited about. Four incredible compositions by Michael that you'll have heard a few of by now, in mixes by myself and on Blast Radio too. 

Speaking of Blast Radio, Deep Space Mix 34 will drop tomorrow on the blog, after I debut it live on Blast. If you'd like to tune in for that, then I'll be live on Blast at 2pm PST / 10pm GMT. You can listen via the app on iOS/Android, or simply via the browser at  

Finally, there's more music for Over/Shadow in the form of Black Rain/Sixth Sense, which will be OSH/15. There's another project for Over/Shadow too, which hopefully might see light of day this year, but I can't say too much about it just yet other than I'm REALLY excited about it. There's also a handful of other things that will hopefully be coming out this year, but I can't give any futher details at this point. 

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Peace ASC

Spatial show / Blast Radio 4/3/22

I've uploaded the recent show from Blast Radio to Audius. Listen below:
Also on YouTube, thanks to CreativeRepublic
ASC - Spatial Launch Show 4th March 2022


I've launched a brand new label called Spatial, with the focus being on the mid 90's atmospheric drum & bass scene. The ethos will be strictly about breakbeats, luscious pads, heavy 808 bass, while keeping the tempo a sensible 160bpm.
First three releases are:
SPTL001 - ASC - Sphere Of Influence
SPTL002 - ASC - Confluence Of Light
SPTL003 - Aural Imbalance - Utopian Society, Volume One
Vinyl for all three is available to pre-order right now, and also available in a bundle with t-shirt and holographic limited edition label logo stickers.
I've put together a Linktree with all essential pre-order links:
Check out the website too for audio clips and promo videos:
Hope you're all as excited about bringing back this form or music as I am.


It's been an interesting first quarter to 2021 to say the least. I wouldn't have imagined I'd have been knee deep in writing classic atmospheric drum & bass for the first time in however many years for a start, but it's been absolutely amazing getting wrapped up in this vibe again. 

Atmospheals Interview

I had a chat to Dan Azimuth for episode 8 of the Atmospheals podcast. We spent an hour discussing my history in music since the mid 90's, discussing everything from atmospheric drum & bass, Autonomic, techno, Grey Area, and film scores. If you'd like to listen back, here's the link:

Mix for Laura BCR / Rinse FM France

I contributed a guest mix for Laura BCR's show on Rinse FM France. I've uploaded the mix for download. Check the mixes (techno) section. If you'd like to check the full show, including Laura's mix, it's also available on Soundcloud here: