Atmospheals Interview

I had a chat to Dan Azimuth for episode 8 of the Atmospheals podcast. We spent an hour discussing my history in music since the mid 90's, discussing everything from atmospheric drum & bass, Autonomic, techno, Grey Area, and film scores. If you'd like to listen back, here's the link:

Mix for Laura BCR / Rinse FM France

I contributed a guest mix for Laura BCR's show on Rinse FM France. I've uploaded the mix for download. Check the mixes (techno) section. If you'd like to check the full show, including Laura's mix, it's also available on Soundcloud here:


I'm pleased to announce I'll be working with the legendary Moving Shadow crew, as they resurrect the label from the ashes in the form of Over/Shadow. First release is by Blame and should be hitting stores later this month. I'll be debuting on the label sometime next year. Exciting times ahead!

Nereid Studio Mixes

I've added two Nereid studio mixes that were created in 2016. Track listing for both mixes is available. Check the mixes tab for more info and download.


Lots of stuff to tell you about, so let's get straight into it. The next release will be the second installment of the recently launched Pattern Recognition series. This will be available on cassette and digital, for the next Bandcamp day, which is on Friday 4th September. 2020 is the tenth anniversary for Auxiliary, and to celebrate I've compiled a 2 x 12" compilation entitled Emotion In Rhythm. This is at the pressing plant and will likely be a November release. Before that, there's a full length 11 track drum & bass album called Isolated Systems. After the success of An Exact Science, we decided that the next logical step would be to go all in on an LP. Again, this will be based around my love of early 90's drum & bass, and the tempo will be 160bpm or lower. Test presses have been approved, and we're predicting an October release on 3 x 12" vinyl and digital on Samurai Music.

There's also two more techno releases due for release this year. First up is Loop Research for Trauma Collective, which should be out soon. We've had some really bad luck with test pressings on this one, and we're awaiting the third cut! Fingers crossed the quality control is 100% this time around. Then there's a 10" for Modern Cathedrals, which is a Detroit-based label run by Uun and Altstadt Echo. More info on this one soon, but it will be out before the end of the year. There's a few other things in the pipeline too, but they are looking likely to be 2021 releases, so I'll save those for nearer the time. Finally, the comments are now working again on posts. After switching the theme, they somehow got disabled.