Spatial 007 / 008 / 009


Spatial 007-009 are now available for pre-order. Featuring the first collaborative EP by ASC & Aural Imbalance (007), and separate EP's from ASC (008) and Aural Imbalance (009).

There's no merchandise this time around, like t-shirts or slipmats, as we figured we'd keep the price down with it being an expensive time of the year. There's a bundle on offer, which will help you save on postage costs if you plan on buying all three, and you'll also get a free die-cut brushed aluminium limited edition Spatial logo/text sticker. The pre-order window will be slightly longer this time, to give you plenty of time over the festive period. Shipping will be early February 2023.

SPTL007 - ASC & Aural Imbalance - Interstellar Transmissions -
SPTL008 - ASC - Perpetual Motion -
SPTL009 - Aural Imbalance - Planetary Formation -

There'll be a Spatial Show on Blast Radio today (Friday 2nd Dec) at 2pm PST / 10pm GMT. Please tune in at:

The Spatial website has been updates with audio clips and as usual, you can find all the links on our Linktree.



Anonymous said...

Can’t wait…. How about a nice record bag next time? Do they do such a thing anymore lol?

ASC said...

That's something we're looking into, along with hoodies and more t-shirt designs for next year :)

Anonymous said...

A spatial credit card…?

ASC said...

Spatial pyjamas!

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