I always seem to forget about this blog and end up making an update post to recap everything I've missed. I'm not even sure if this blog is needed or relevant anymore, what with social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Discord being the main ones we use to inform you all about what's happening with all things ASC and Auxiliary related. Anyway, that being said, I'll do a little round up here.
So it's fast approaching the two year anniversary for Spatial, which is in April. Not that a two-year anniversary is anything to celebrate, but I guess my train of thought here is looking back at the amount of music we've released on vinyl in that time. We're up to SPTL025 as the last bundle we released, and we've just dropped pre-orders for the first two LP's on the label - one by myself, and one by Aural Imbalance.To top that off, we've just launched pre-orders for SPTL026/027/028, which are available together as part of bundle #9.

Plenty more to keep your eyes on this year also, with SPTL029/SPTL030/SPTL031, and CRVT003/CRVT004 all due to drop on pre-order May 3rd. There'll be a slight pause in proceedings during June, as we're releasing an ambient album by myself and Sam KDC on Auxiliary, just to switch things up a bit. Really excited for all the music we have lined up this year. There's still some really big surprises ready to be unleashed, but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself and ruin any surprises.

Anyway, I'm sure you all know the links to be checking, but if not:


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I still pop on here occasionally and glad I did this time to learn of a forthcoming ASC & Sam KDC ambient album!! Very excited for this!

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