Thursday, February 11

Grey Area, Podcast Two

Grey Area, Podcast Two.  Featuring three mixes segued together in this order: 1: Sam KDC, 2: ASC, 3: Presha.

For those of you subscribed on iTunes, it should be already with you.  Everyone else, you can grab it from Soundcloud here, or click on the Grey Area page on the navigation panel on the left hand side and download it directly from us.

Tuesday, January 26

AUX012 - Sam KDC - Feb 12th

AUX012 - Sam KDC - Law Of The Trapezoid
Available on vinyl / digital - February 12th.

Buy vinyl - Samurai Music
Buy digital - Bandcamp / Samurai Music

Monday, January 25

New Central Industrial album coming soon

A taste of the new cyberpunk aural excursion from the anonymous production outfit known as Central Industrial.  Forthcoming on CD/digital.  Catalogue number AUXCD009.

Monday, January 18

Breaching The Void

Sam KDC launches Breaching The Void

It will feature four mixes which will be spaced out over the coming months.  The first one is available to download now.  Also added it to the side bar navigation for those that miss this post or find it late.  As to be expected with our current style and sound, it's an eclectic mix that holds no punches and sits comfortably in between genres.

Wednesday, January 13


I figured it would be a good idea to get a post down to kick things off for this new year, so here we go.

Sunday, December 20

2015 Chart

Since there were so many amazing releases this year, I actually felt the urge to do an end of year chart. As always, I'm not going to include anything by myself or anything on Auxiliary and it's related labels, just to avoid bias. So here we go, in no particular order.


Acronym - June [Northern Electronics]
Född Död ‎- Studie I Närhet, Längtan Och Besvikelse [Northern Electronics]
Refracted - Through The Spirit Realm [Silent Season]
Periskop - Immerse [Kabalion]
Varg - Urskviken [Northern Electronics]
Aun - Fiat Lux [Cyclic Law]
Ancestral Voices - Night Of Visions [Samurai Horo]
Variant - The Setting Sun (Remastered) [Echospace]
Abdulla Rashim - A Shell Of Speed [Northern Electronics]
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. ‎– Mörkret, Kylan, Tystnaden & Ensamheten [Northern Electronics]
No Joy - More Faithful [Mexican Summer]
Various - Zodiac [Hypnus]


Pact Infernal - The Descent (Chapter 1 & Lucy Remixes) [Samurai Horo]
Six Six Seconds - Tearing Down Heaven [Blackest Ever Black]
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist - Sorunda Remixed [Semantica]
Nastika - Incantation [Altar]
Tropic Of Cancer - Stop Suffering [Blackest Ever Black]
Shinichi Atobe - Ship Scope [DDS]
Skymn - Doctrine [Hypnus]
Various - Sagas [Nordanvind]
Korridor - Taotast [Northern Electronics]
Refracted - Mind Express 002 [Mind Express]
Stephanie Sykes - Black Simulation [Vent]
Acronym - Ashes [Northern Electronics]
Polar Inertia - Kinematic Optics [Dement3d]
SPR - Her Eyes Are An Abyss [JSME]
Jouem - Episodes 4/8 - Reflections On The Rise [Mojuba]
Nautil - Canopee [Further]

Monday, November 30

Fervent Dream

My latest full length ambient album, entitled 'Fervent Dream', is available now on CD and digital from Silent Season.  8 tracks in total, spanning over 70 mins of emotional heart-felt music.  Available here: Silent Season

Friday, November 13

Ambient Recommendations

Someone asked me on Twitter recently to pick my three recent favorite ambient albums. I replied that I felt it was far too hard to narrow down. After further prompting, I decided to put together a blog post with a bunch of recommendations, so here it is.

I'm gonna keep this fairly recent, so let's say 2000-now. I'm also not going to list any of my own work or anything on my labels, as I'm sure you probably all know about those anyway!

Neel - Phobos
The Inward Circles – Belated Movements For An Unsanctioned Exhumation August 1st 1984
Aun - Fiat Lux
Variant - Fallinstars / The Setting Sun
Rafael Anton Irisari - The Unintentional Sea
Brock Van Wey - White Clouds Drift On and On
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - A Winged Victory For The Sullen
Grouper - Ruins
Ø ‎– Heijastuva
Pausal - Forms
Slow Walkers - Slow Walkers
36 - Hollow / Lithea
Deaf Center - Live In Moscow / Recount

A few of these could also fall into other categories, such as modern classical and even folk, but on the whole, this is a good representation of the type of stuff I've been playing in the Deep Space Mix Series. Of course, you can also find more music by checking out the track listings for all the Deep Space mixes by clicking on the images on the page, located in the navigation menu on the left.  Finally, there's probably a bunch of artists and albums I've left out or forgotten about, so I'll add anything else that comes to mind as and when.  Enjoy.

Monday, November 2

ASC - Fervent Dream

My new ambient album for Silent Season, entitled Fervent Dream, will be available on November 25th.  Limited edition CD release plus digital to follow, as before with the previous LP's.  


Tuesday, October 27

Resident Advisor Feature

I had a long chat with Andrew Ryce about all things ASC and Auxiliary for a Resident Advisor feature.  Have a read here:

Wednesday, September 30

New Auxiliary/Veil Releases

Brand new from Auxiliary, Sam KDC's ambient album, entitled Late Night Innominate, Volume One.  6 untitled tracks spanning 1 12" vinyl and also available digitally.  Late Night Innominate will be a new series from Auxiliary offering our take on ambient music over a long player format on vinyl and digital only.  Pre-order here:

Also available to pre-order right now is a brand new release from ASCBinary System offers four tracks that have been doing the rounds over the last year on several mixes and Auxcasts.  This one is the first Veil release outside of the Veil/Unveil series in over two years.  Pre-order here:

Monday, August 24

Grey Area, Podcast One

Grey Area Podcast One is now available. Download from:

Samurai Music Group

Grey Area is a collaborative label between Auxiliary and Samurai, with the accompanying podcast focusing on the 'Grey Area' sound. Podcast One includes mixes from myself, Sam KDC, Presha, and a discussion with us all about the music we are pushing and our thoughts.

There's a lot of information about what Grey Area is all about contained in the discussions on the podcast, so I won't say much more and let you take it all in.


Tuesday, August 18

AUXCD008 - Synth Sense - Perfect Symmetry

Synth Sense's long anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Tomorrow's World' is now available to pre-order.  Available on limited edition CD and digital, 'Perfect Symmetry' boasts an impressive 20 tracks.

Pre-order now:

Release date is set for 18th Sept 2015 for digital, however you may get your CD earlier, depending when stock arrives at the SMG store.