Friday, November 22

Auxcast: Phase Three - Episode Eight

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Wednesday, November 6

Realm Of The Void and Clear Skies

AUXLP004 - ASC - Realm Of The Void

AUXWL004 - ASC - Clear Skies / Nimbus

Monday, August 19

Tuesday, August 6

New Auxiliary Cassettes

Two brand new limited edition cassettes, in the form of a debut from UK artist Sciama, and a little concept project from myself.

AUXC004 - Sciama - Broken Circle

AUXC005 - ASC-1138

Monday, July 22

Comit - Remote Viewing

Following hot on the heels of Realm Of The Infinite, my debut LP under my Comit alias was announced today. Forthcoming on 2 x 12" (transparent orange) vinyl, on the highly acclaimed A Strangely Isolated Place (or ASIP for short) label. Pre-order, audio, and more information links below:

More Info:

Sunday, July 7


With the release of Realm Of The Infinite just around the corner, I figured I'd give a bit of insight into how it came together.

Format is one of the most important aspects when preparing a release. It's of utmost importance that my idea of how the music should be presented is fully realised. Even something as simple as changing the running order due to similar track lengths, or words that follow each other that might not look right to me, or the overall flow isn't right - it's all vital.

The majority of my work consists of 4 tracks in the extended play (EP) category on a single vinyl, and albums usually consist of 3 or 4 pieces of vinyl. So looking at this and thinking about more grandiose projects than 4 track EP's, but not so long as a 10+ track album, I started to consider 8 tracks over 2 pieces of vinyl - a sort of double EP or mini LP. Even though the overall play time is an hour (roughly), I still don't really consider these albums in the purest sense of the word. They will get categorised as such though (number of tracks, run time), so that's why I just accepted it and went with the AUXLP prefix for the catalogue number.

So this is how the Realms series started. Realm Of The Void is the next in the series, and has just been sent for mastering. More news on that one nearer the time, but expect an autumn release all being well. For now though, if you haven't got your copy of Realm Of The Infinite, here's a few links:


Thursday, May 30

Realm Of The Infinite

The time has arrived for my first ever beat-driven LP for my own label, Auxiliary. I'm not quite sure what took me so long to get around to doing this, but I couldn't be more happier with the results. It will come in a full colour sleeve, featuring the artwork you see above. The album features a wide variety of tracks that I believe to be pushing the boundaries of what could be considered techno, Grey Area, and the music that lands somewhere in the middle of all of that. 

Realm Of The Infinite holds some amazing memories for me, as I first debuted a lot of these tracks in my sets for On The 5th Day (London), Aphotic (NYC), and VENT (Tokyo). Truth be told, this could easily have been a 4 x 12" with 16 tracks, but I decided to be sensible about it, so no doubt there'll be another 2 x 12" LP in the next 6-8 months. Anyway, I could probably sit here and type up an essay on each track... but I won't! So enough rambling, and here's the important stuff:


Or if you'd like to simply listen while here, check the embeded player below.

Sunday, May 5

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is the third release I've done for ARTS. Available now on translucent green vinyl and digital.


Wednesday, April 17

Comit Remix

This is the first remix I've done under the Comit name. More info (including audio/buy links) below:

Wednesday, April 3

The Abyssal Plain

It's been a while since I've released anything 170bpm oriented, so I'm pleased to announce a new EP forthcoming on Samurai, entitled The Abyssal Plain.


Sunday, February 10

Wednesday, January 30

The Waves

ASC - The Waves (Silent Season, SSCD22)

The Waves is out now.
Buy here:

Monday, January 21

Decayed Society (2019 Vinyl Reissue)

Me and Sam wrote this album back in 2012 to launch the CD series for Auxiliary. 7 years on, and it has finally come to vinyl. If you'd like to get a copy for yourself, then here's a link: