Saturday, December 14

Seasons greetings

First of all, thank you to all of you who have supported Auxiliary and it's many incarnations over the year.  2013 has been another successful year for the label and we're hoping for another successful year in 2014.  So by now, you'll have no doubt got your hands on our last release for this year, if not, see the post below this.  A nice little archival selection from ASC to round off the releases for the year.

So what's next? Well we haven't forgotten about Auxcast and myself, Sam KDC, Synth Sense and Method One are all hard at work putting together stems for a final 2hr special for Phase Two.  It's imperative that we drop Episode 10 this year, so we can start Phase Three of the Auxiliary sound next year, so I can say 100% it will drop this month sometime. 

That takes us to 2014 and I'm sure you all are excited about what's coming next, right?  We sure are, I can tell you that!  The next two EP's will be by Sam KDC and Synth Sense, although I'm not sure which order they will be in yet, as there's a few unforeseen factors to take into account.  We'll keep you up to date on that though.  Auxcast Volume Two CD will also drop 1st quarter next year.  This will collate 10 previously unreleased tracks from Auxcast:Phase Two.  Keeping on the CD tip, we've also got Sam KDC's ambient album to put out.  It's been through a few iterations this year, meaning that we've had to push it back, but it's pretty much done now, so that's something to definitely watch out for.  Other than that, we'll keep things going on Veil with the Veil/Unveil series.  There's plenty more in the works right now, but you'll hear about it nearer the time.

Until then, have a great festive season whatever you celebrate, look out for Auxcast:Phase Two - Episode 10 and we'll be back in the new year to further push the boundaries of whatever this music is called that we do!

Cheers and peace to all,


Vladimir Yugov said...

Thanks for your creation and always wonderful future music, Mr. ASC and all Auxiliary Crew!

Hannes Pado said...

Thank you :)

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