Friday, November 30

Veil 001

I thought I'd make this post about a release Sam KDC has forthcoming, on new label, Veil.  I've got my hands in a few of the tracks on the EP, so it makes sense for me to promote it. It's out next Monday - December 3rd on a lovely crystal clear/white mix, which makes the vinyl look cloudy.  It's also on digital for all of you vinylphobes.

Here's the label spiel:

"Veil is a new record label aimed firmly at delivering quality electronic music.

Our first release comes from someone who has made himself quite a reputation working with ASC and Auxiliary. Sam KDC deliver's an EP of distinctive emotions. Synesthesia is Sam doing what he does best, taking the 170 template and truly making it his own. There's elements of psychedelic rock flavour, twisted e-bow and lots of funk. On the other side, Sam teams up with ASC for All Roads Lead Somewhere. The pair craft a flavourful sonic landscape that is dripping with class and harmony, as you'd expect. Last but not least, sees Sam don his drum machine and synths for the 140 bpm, Captured. Laid back synthetic grooves to round off proceedings in style. Vinyl buyers can look forward to an untitled collaboration between Sam KDC & ASC at the end of Synesthesia."

Here's a few links fot you, including the pre-order first and foremost

PRE-ORDER direct from Veil's Surus Shop
Veil Tumblr
Veil Soundcloud 

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