Monday, November 26

Ulrich Schnauss & ASC - 77 EP - Out now!

The first collaboration between myself and Ulrich Schnauss is out today. It's a 4 track EP that's just brimming with electronic goodness. 4 tracks, with tempos ranging from 136, to 164, to 170. It covers a lot of bases. Have a listen to the preview of the EP on Soundcloud:

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digifruitella said...

hey James, how does a collaboration like that work usually? in general I mean. Do you and your collaborator first sit down together and discuss a 'theme' or direction you want to go into on a project and then both work out who is going to produce what from the track? I'm particularly interested in that aspect. How do you even "jam" if there's anything like that in EDM/IDM world. Would be happy to hear you talk about that.

ASC said...

Usually, we decide upon a theme, then sketch out ideas and send them back and forth. When something sticks, we then build on it until it's complete.

Conor said...

I'm in a debate on Discogs about this release. Surely you'll agree that drum & bass is the style of 77..?

ASC said...

No. It's not drum & bass. The only thing 77 has in common is it's 164 bpm, which is close to the drum & bass tempo. The other tracks are 85bpm and 136bpm.

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