Tuesday, November 20

ASC - Rivet City

You might remember this from Autonomic Podcast: Layer 10. I decided to try out Official.fm's new paid download system and make it available for sale.


I've put it up for the low, low price of $1.00. If this goes well, then I'll consider doing more in the future for you guys.

If you buy it, please keep it to yourself. It's super cheap to buy your own copy and you do me no favours giving it away for free on dodgy sites and forums. If it does end up being given away for free, then chances are I probably won't bother doing this sort of thing again.


digifruitella said...

slightly off topic but, when is Mindspan - Sinkhole coming out? along with the other ASC tunes from secret 13 mix?

ASC said...

Sinkhole will be on the new Mindspan LP I'm writing. The other ASC stuff from the S13 mix, no plans for releasing them right now.

Jeff Cotton said...
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