Wednesday, November 14

Bottom Of The World

I am proud to announce my first film score for director Richard Sears' upcoming movie, Bottom Of The World.  I'd best describe the project as a psychological thriller in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock or David Lynch's works.  The director and producer have put together a Kickstarter page to try and round up that list bit of financing to get things moving.

Read more about the project and what you get for making a pledge:


Matthew said...

Congrats James! I truly hope this is the start of a new path for you, as I (and most of us) believe that your music is a natural fit for film scores. I can only imagine how well your music would work in a Fincher film. Or a visionary like Guy Maddin.

It's also nice to see that Richard Sears is slowly gravitating towards this kind of material. I thought Bongwater had some impressive ideas, filmmaking wise, but it lacked a cohesiveness, or "feel" to make it truly memorable. This type of a flim, coupled with your music, should make for a much more thematically and aesthetically pleasing experience.

All that side, I'm really excited for this, and I look forward to what the future holds for you. :)

IntraSight said...

Really looking forward to this one, if just for the soundtrack alone. Any word as to if you'll be releasing the soundtrack as a standalone project? (Granted, I don't know what the music's like yet but i'm sure it'll be stunning.)

ASC said...

It'll more than likely be released on CD on Auxiliary. More news nearer the time

digifruitella said...

yeah this is really great news man. I'm with Matthew here, from the moment I heard your stuff, "cinematic" is all I could think. I actually read two sci-fi scripts from Jon Spaihts while listening to all the Sci-Files volumes, and it fit quite nicely, of course those are not scores - but the elements are there.

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