Monday, November 12

Ulrich Schnauss & ASC - 77 EP

Not much to say other than have a listen to the wonderful music we created together.  Out on November 26th on Auxiliary - AUX007.



Nick Wilkinson said...

Utterly superb as expected from two of my favourite ever producers. Love '77' and 'Pyramids'

MPortBloggin said...

Fantastic stuff from 2 of my favorite producers. Nov 26th is a big day for this music lover. The long awaited Kettel & Secede collaboration album and now this. Not to be forgotten is the beautiful (judging by the soundcloud previews) bvdub album released on Nov 20 on n5MD. Haven't been this excited for new music in a while.

digifruitella said...

OMG. This literally came out of leftfield. Wow. I'm with Nick, two of my fave producers together! Thanks James, bless you for this! You never seize to continue in amazing me whether solo or on collabs. How you're not more "known" is beyond me.

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