Monday, October 8

Auxiliary update

So, in terms of releasing records, in the time it takes to get a release mastered, cut to test press, final copies delivered and sent out to the stores, 2012 is almost over.  This has been an incredibly busy and productive year for Auxiliary, with 14 releases so far, including all 12 inches and CD's.   Some might say that's too much, but when you are single-handedly flying the flag when others have dropped by the wayside, I'd say it's not enough.

There's one more release to tell you about this year, and it's a 4 track EP I've made in collaboration with Ulrich Schnauss.  For those of you with half a clue, Ulrich needs no introduction, having created his own brand of electronic-shoegaze, for want of a better term.  Once test presses have been approved, audio will follow in the usual places.  We're hoping for a mid-late November release for AUX007.

After that, there's an EP from Sam KDC on the main label, and Synth Sense will be closing out the Symbol series.  Both of these will drop in the first quarter of 2013.  From here on, anything goes.  One thing is for sure, Auxiliary is gonna sound different in 2013, so get ready for phase two.


Unknown said...


Sorry to hassle, but I would absolutely love to know the artist/title of the first track on Auxcast 10. I first heard it in a Synkro podcast, so I suspect its an unreleased work from you or one of your collaborators. Its totally sublime, gives me goosebumps etc.

Anyhow, keep up the great work on this label!

Saludos from Colombia....

ASC said...

Synkro - Recognition. Not sure when it'll be out or what label.

Unknown said...

thanks :)

Joe said...

Recognition is out soon on Apollo I believe

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