Saturday, September 29

Mindspan - The Second Cycle

So here it is.  The long awaited follow up to 2008's The Aeon Expanse.  I prefer to call it ambient techno, rather than dub techno, but call it what you will.  The Mindspan stuff has always been a very different writing process for me and it's something I want to do more of in the future for sure.  

Head over to the Silent Season store - link here

It's available on CD and download.  Worth noting both prices are the same and you get the downloads instantly while waiting for your CD, so grab yourself a CD of it and support the physical product please, as then labels like Silent Season can keep doing that to make old fashioned artists, like myself, happy. 


djemptyx said...

sublime. subliminal. liminal yet substantial. positively under the influence of these spheres of sound. you managed such highly effective texture blends accented with just-right choices of stimulating percussion. appreciate the fact that you went with some quite minimal yet mind-latching hints of melody in several of the pieces -- simple but hyper-effective. this has to be one of the smoothest things i've laid ears on this year; a serious mid-night brain-massaging hypnotherapy. next go will be with earphones. absolutely persist in this direction of recliner sound!

Erik Olson said...

Insane job on this one! Perfect for getting good work done to. Nice one James.

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