Tuesday, September 25

Update time

I thought I'd do a little round up, since I haven't done so for a while.  Right then, where to start?  I guess we'll start with the upcoming Synth Sense Remix vinyl.  For those of you paying attention, you'll be aware that we're putting out a limited edition white piece of vinyl with four remixes from Synth Sense's recent LP, Tomorrow's WorldSynkro and Indigo get the A and AA side duties, as they aim more for the DJ with their remixes, while Sam KDC and myself get a bit deeper and introspective with out remixes.  Synth Sense put together a little preview mix.  Out October 1st.  Check it out:

So originally on the same date was Lost Sync Part 2, but that's been delayed until November 5th.  More news on that nearer the time.

Silent Season are expecting to start shipping the long awaited Mindspan LP, The Second Cycle.  This will probably happen around the 10th-15th October.  This will be a limited edition CD / MP3 release.  More news on this also nearer the time.

There'll be one more Auxiliary release this year, which will be the EP I've done with Ulrich Schnauss, entitled 77 EP.  It features four tracks - the title track 77, Pyramids, Theta and Moiré Pattern.  Probably looking at a mid-late November release for this, before we pack up shop for the Christmas / New Year break.  A few things to look forward to in 2013 will be the last Symbol release, which will be #9 by Synth Sense, AUX008 by ASC & Synkro, and the continuation of our CD series, but we won't give too much information away just yet!


Nick Wilkinson said...

Whaaaaat the last Symbol release? How come? Run out of colours? ;-) Seriously though, say it isn't so. Every single one has been such high quality.

ASC said...

All good things come to an end

Nick Wilkinson said...

Gutted, but glad to have purchased every beautiful piece on vinyl (do i get a prize for that ;-). Hope you randomly bring them back at a later date, but in the meantime look forward to everything else you have coming out

djemptyx said...

calculated assassination of Symbol of course leaves room for new ideas. just keep us guessing, like the CIA.

you and Schnauss experimenting with a batch of Moiré patterns? that i must hear. and more Synth for my seleventh Sense? i'll take thiree. furthermore, my mind is ready for any scaping so bring the warmth on.

Thomas Earl said...

Cant wait for all of this man, loving the Synth Sense remixes, definite must have. Also with the Symbol releases coming to an end i can only imagine that there must be something else coming to fill the void, or just perhaps more Aux releases. Well ill be looking forward to seeing whats ahead in the future.

Kx said...

I, for one am really looking forward to the Ulrich Schnauss collaboration. Been a fan of his for ages. Mix his high freq harmonies with ASC's low freq earthquakes and oh yeah... this is going to be a good match.

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