Sunday, September 16

Out now

ASC - Lost Sync Part 1 (HORO005)
Sam KDC - Symbol #8 (AUXSYM008)
Method One - The Halftone EP (AUX006)

One release by me on Samurai's Horo label, and two Auxiliary releases by Method One and Sam KDC.  Since it's my birthday, if you'd all purchase a copy of each of them on vinyl, that'd be a great present.  Cheers ;)


veneman said...

Happy belated birthday! :)

djemptyx said...

Now being a-symbol-8ed by KDC's autumnal tones. Just the thing I need to come home to after a seemingly endless workday. Great pieces, Sam. Actually, all 3 of the mentioned records blend superbly in this cool nordic evening. Many happy returns Mr ASC!

MPort said...

Awesome. Purchased, downloaded and listening now. I've listened to Symbol #8.1 so much from Auxcast #8 in the last month or so I was expecting to hear the female robot say "auxillary...illary...illary...illary...." at the 1:05 mark or so. ;)

Sam said...

Happy birthday!

Nick Wilkinson said...

Another superb Symbol release. Beautiful tunes Sam. Each release on this series has been so strong

djemptyx said...

Landlocked has me encircled within its marvellous terrain. Such fantastic percussive imprisonment. Like the popping snare in that rhythm and the 'nostalgic' feeling of the melody. I liken Locus Solus to the sound of finding myself at the junction of two or more approaching dreams. The giant meeting chamber where the trains can't be spotted because of the high golden grassy meadow. Backgrounds and percussive intricacies within Confounded lock attention while the body picks up the bass trail causing the head to move. A very brief relaxing ride. Good work!

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