Monday, October 15

Secret Thirteen Mix 039 - ASC

Possibly one of the deepest mixes I've done in a long, long time.  Since I specialise in deep music, this is quite a statement!  In all seriousness, this is an hour and a half joruney through the type of music I'm feeling right now.  It's exactly where I'm at in this point in time.  This might be a bit far out there for some of you, but approach with an open mind and you will be rewarded.  Click the post to view it in full and see the exact track listing, as the one on the site was edited to fit Discogs' format.

00:00-00:47 - Imagination Network - Lithium C3
00:47-05:34 - 36 - Home
05:34-08:07 - Bitcrush - Colder
08:07-08:36 - Imagination Network - Lithium A1
08:36-12:24 - Six Six Seconds - Tearing Down Heaven
12:24-15:00 - ASC - Is This The End? (+ field recording of rain storm)
15:00-20:42 - Lee Noble - Indian Princess
20:42-24:18 - 1991 - Open To The Dark
24:18-27:25 - ASC - Accept Things As They Are
27:25-28:20 - Imagination Network - Lithium B2
28:20-35:31 - Iesope Drift - Korot (+ spoken word extract of Terrence McKenna lecture)
35:31-38:55 - Anthony Rother - Elixir Of Life Part V / Imagination Network - Lithium K1 / ASC - Shimo (+live recording of a Korg Monotron fed through a Boss RE-20 Space Echo)
38:55-42:13 - HTRK - Love Triangle
42:12-42:13 - Sample from 2001: A Space Odyssey (Videophone Sequence)
42:13-47:12 - Ensemble Economique - Radiate Through Me
47:12-53:13 - Hallucinator - Frontier
53:13-56:56 - Harold Budd & Brian Eno - Wind In Lonely Fences (+ sample used in ASC - Focus Inwards)
56:56-58:16 - Turin Brakes - Heavy 2
58:16-58:39 - Imagination Network - Lithium D4
58:39-61:09 - Mindspan - Sinkhole
61:09-61:56 - Imagination Network - Lithium E5
61:56-66:50 - Anthony Rother - Elixir Of Life Part V / Pausal - Fertiliser
66:50-70:16 - Morpheus - Morpheus (+field recording of Chicago PD Scanner)
70:16-74:26 - The Future Sound Of London - Max (Original) (+dialogue sample from Tekkonkinkreet)
74:26-75:12 - Imagination Network - Lithium H8
75:12-80:05 - Raime - If Anywhere Were Here, He Would Know Where We Are / Covered In Sand - Our Yearning
80:05-83:07 - Mark Morgan - Underground Troubles (Fallout OST)
83:07-83:40 - Imagination Network - Lithium I9
83:40-88:50 - Vatican Shadow - Shadow War In Yemen
88:50-93:20 - The Sight Below - Fervent 

Edit: Here's a cue sheet provided by 'digifruitella'


Joe said...

Can you give up any info onto who 'Imagination Network' are/is ASC? Even though the tracks are short im really loving them

ASC said...

Imagination Network is set to be a collaboration project for all Auxiliary artists, although the tracks in this mix are by me, and should really be ASC tracks I suppose. It's been hard getting everyone together to work on this project as of yet.

Joe said...

Sounds like an interesting project! Really look forward to hearing more bits, B2 in particular sounds especially menacing.

Liking the name and track title series as well.

Sam said...

Sick as always.. some really good stuff in there. Pleasure to listen to while getting my work done!

Maxouzzz said...

2013 will be awesome !

digifruitella said...

i can't wait to listen to this. downloading now!

digifruitella said...

hey James can u post a tracklist to this mix?

p.s. Ha! what an intro, I was listening to the tune you opened your mix with back in 2010 - I think it's called "Hollow" or something, forgot the producer's name though.

ASC said...

Post updated

djemptyx said...

weekend schedule: spreading kompost, raking the last leaves, finish stocking shed w wood, change tires, install fold-away shelf in l-room and last but not least a warm cup o' joe and a fire w ASC's top secret-13. anxious

digifruitella said...

made a cue sheet for this mix (just open this in Medieval Cue Splitter, and locate the mp3 file of the mix) and you'll have the entire mix split into individual tracks! (thanks to James for provided timeframes, made it easier and faster to make)

Also wanted to as you James what you thought about these artists below.


Martin Guentner - Wanderung (strikes me as a tune you'd make, shades of The Light That Burns Twice as Bright here)


Sandwell District - Untitled (A)

and lastly

Shuttle358 - Logical

ASC said...

Yeah the Sandwell District track is from the Readymade 7" that came with Feed-Forward. Love both sides. I haven't heard of the other two. I really like the Shuttle358 track you linked though. Nice one!

digifruitella said...

Yeah I thought that'd be something you'd like. That Sandwell District tune really reminded me A LOT of Ulrich Schnauss' ambience.

btw, my bad I forgot to include the cue sheet - you should update the post and include a link to it -

I really feel that Shuttle358 tune, that's the kind of ambient IDM side I am in love with. By the way Mindspan - Sinkhole is....pure bliss. Keep it up, that's exactly the atmospheres that got me into your tunes in the first place.

lastly - here's another one you might like -

digifruitella said...

FSOL - Max dialogue sample is from Shawshank Redemption though. "She was beautiful, God I loved her" I'm not familiar with the Tekkonkinkreet, but that is 110% a quote from Andy in the film.

ASC said...

One of my fave films. Post updated with cue sheet. Cheers

digifruitella said...

Is there a chance of you doing a house set? It'd be interesting what an ASC house set sounds like? one can hope?

ASC said...

Been planning one for some time. We'll see

lewis weaver said...

A great eclectic mix ... Thanks ASC ..

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