Friday, November 4

Samurai Horo

You should all know of Geoff Presha's excellent Samurai group of labels, if only via my work on there, so it gives me great pleasure to tell you about an exciting new project he's started.  Presha welcomes another new label to the fold, in the form of the exclusively vinyl-only, Horo.  Named after the cloaks the Samurai traditionally wore in battle on top of their armour, it fits the ethos perfectly.

So what does this have to do with my music?  Well, you lucky people, the launch of Horo coincides with the release of my next 12" on Samurai Red Seal.  On the 12th of December, you will be able to pick up Samurai Red Seal 014 (Droids / Never Enough) on vinyl/digital, and also if you are lucky enough, you'll be able to grab a copy of the limited edition vinyl-only marbled 10" of Horo 002, which features No Secrets & Zenith.  

For more information and sound clips, click here.

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Can't wait for 'No Secrets'...

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