Thursday, November 10

The Light That Burns Twice as Bright

ASC - The Light That Burns Twice as Bright (Silent Season) SSCD11

01 - Silver Rain On Venus
02 - Binomial Theorem
03 - Underwater Temples
04 - Low Clouds
05 - My Mind Is Not The Same as Yours
06 - A Love-Inspired Fire
07 - I Need Rewiring
08 - Lunar Industries
09 - Irradiated Software
10 - Stranded With No Direction

You can listen to the last track in full right here. More audio will surface in the week leading up to the release of the CD.

Pre-order from from November 15th. Release date is November 22nd.

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djemptyx said...

Odd. In the middle of coffee'n'mail routine n looking across the valley at a dense morning fog (one can only barely see the tops of those pines), 'Conversations' from NIC comes up in my Morning playlist and so naturally I decide to pop in and see what you've been up to. Well,...

This post made my day. I'll definitely be preordering it later when that goes live. The example piece and accompanying aesthetic sold me. And if that wasn't enough,...

There's a new DSM to sink ears a blade of sunlight broke through the cover in the distance. A damn good start for this day I'd say. Cheers

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