Tuesday, November 1

Auxcast Episode 02

You know the drill - click the Auxcast logo on the left and have at it


Maxouzzz said...

Very nice ! Was also very surprized to discover the tracklisting of the 1st set. I was not expecting some artists behind some tracks. Your style is more and more dark...any influence with the season ? Any way I like it !

Kait K. said...

Heyhey. what about tracklist for the 1st one?
This is really important.

Kait K. said...

got it, sry about that :blush:

Nick Wilkinson said...

Still my favourite Auxcast. Some lovely tunes in here. Talking of which where on earth can I find that Oak – Escapist tune? Also the Gravious-Polygon tune. Both awesome. Have either been released?

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