Wednesday, September 30

New Auxiliary/Veil Releases

Brand new from Auxiliary, Sam KDC's ambient album, entitled Late Night Innominate, Volume One.  6 untitled tracks spanning 1 12" vinyl and also available digitally.  Late Night Innominate will be a new series from Auxiliary offering our take on ambient music over a long player format on vinyl and digital only.  Pre-order here:

Also available to pre-order right now is a brand new release from ASCBinary System offers four tracks that have been doing the rounds over the last year on several mixes and Auxcasts.  This one is the first Veil release outside of the Veil/Unveil series in over two years.  Pre-order here:


sean clarke said...

So looking forward to these releases! Have been a massive fan of yours and Sam for quite a few years now.
One of my favourite mixes of mine(and i have hundreds) is the Secret thirteen mix you did a while back.I just wanted to ask if the imagination network tracks,which i think you was involved in,will they be getting a release at some point? They are such beautiful,other worldy tunes! Keep up the brilliant work you do James.Much love.Sean

ASC said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sean. A lot of the short Imagination Network tracks were just interludes for mixes and probably won't be released. Myself, Sam and Synth Sense have been working on a full length Imagination Network album for quite some time, which when finished, will probably be a CD/digital release. It's taking some time though, as it's not as high priority as all of our other projects. Hopefully we can get it out sometime next year though.

Michal said...

Awesome releases. Keep them coming.
Would love to grab Late Night Innominate releases on limited CDs (as so far I bought all Auxiliary CDs), especially that I think ambient albums fit perfectly to CD format. However I can imagine that pressing the same release both on CD and vinyl format these days may be to risky, so in this case digital format will be fine for me.

ASC said...

Certain release will be CD, but some won't - like the LNI series. As you know, it costs a lot of money to press vinyl and CD, so we rarely do both of the same release.

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