Monday, August 24

Grey Area, Podcast One

Grey Area Podcast One is now available. Download from:

Samurai Music Group

Grey Area is a collaborative label between Auxiliary and Samurai, with the accompanying podcast focusing on the 'Grey Area' sound. Podcast One includes mixes from myself, Sam KDC, Presha, and a discussion with us all about the music we are pushing and our thoughts.

There's a lot of information about what Grey Area is all about contained in the discussions on the podcast, so I won't say much more and let you take it all in.



ChristianL said...

This music is mind-blowing. Can't work it out but it sounds like a sub-genre of something, I just don't quite know what the 'something' is. The transition from 170 to 130 at the end is particularly amazing. Fantastic!

ASC said...

@ChristianL - thanks for the kind words. We definitely don't see it as a sub-genre of anything, hence the name. It really is a grey area of contemporary music, i.e cannot fit into any specific genre, but obviously has hints of several.

ChristianL said...

It's all very interesting. Looking forward to more podcasts and the releases...

djemptyx said...

bad fin' ass my brother. bring it. all of the mixes were megatight but your first mix put me in a euphoric place. reminds me a bit of where Perc and Stroboscopic Artefacts takes their labels yet GA holds it's own as a separate idea. the sound is psychodelic as hell. this is immersive music with much to pick at with the ears. i listened with a subbass cushion in the chair here and my god... one thing all of that grey had in common was the beeahhhssssss. i t massaged the brain and back simultaneously. i'm in. i'm ready to eat.

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