Thursday, February 6


Something for you digital heads to get excited about...

AUXTR011 - ASC, Sam KDC & Synth Sense - AUXWL001-003

1 - ASC - Another Late Night
2 - ASC - Gestures
3 - ASC & Sam KDC - Cold Spot
4 - ASC & Sam KDC - Kaleidoscope
5 - ASC & Synth Sense - Reject The System
6 - ASC - Advance
7 - ASC & Synth Sense - Suppression

Due to overwhelming demand, we present the 7 tracks from the Auxiliary white label series in digital format for the first time.  From the dub vibes of Another Late Night, right through to the futuristic tension of Suppression, all seven tracks are here in full.  The progression in the Auxiliary sound can also well documented in this release.  Another Late Night/Gestures are tracks firmly in the Autonomic mould.  The subtle changes to a more ambient and slower paced vibe is apparent in Cold Spot and Kaleidoscope, in which Sam KDC joins ASC.  Then finishing things off in a gritty haze of machine funk and lazy aggression, Synth Sense join forces with ASC for the anthemic Reject The System.  A tour de force of the Auxiliary sound from day one to right now.

Release date: Feb 17th

It seems there has been a mixed reaction to this, with many of the adopters of the vinyl not happy it's available now as digital only too.  This was never our intention, but the fact of the matter is none of these releases recouped the outlay, which caused a deficit for us to regain, which with vinyl selling as low as it is right now, was gonna take a hell of a long time.  Vinyl isn't cheap to produce and every year the sales figures for it are dwindling.  After various talks with ST Holdings, we decided we would release the white label series digitally to try and recoup some of the loss the vinyl has cost us.  Sorry if you feel butthurt by this, but it's simple economics and doing what we need to do as a record label to survive.


Beau Wright said...

Very much appreciate this. Looking forward to it!

Michal said...

Excellent news. Been waiting for digital version of "Another Late Night" for ages.

Michal said...

Excellent news. Been waiting for Another Late Night in digital for ages.

MPort said...

So some vinyl heads are upset because now EVERYONE can purchase and listen to this music? How does this impact your enjoyment of the vinyl? Do you actually get more enjoyment because it is exclusive and it makes you feel special? If that is the case than that is just..sad.

By the way thanks for making more of your music available digitally. Now if only your silent season ambient releases went digital... :)

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