Tuesday, December 31

European Tour, March 2014 Cancelled

First of all, 'what? another ASC tour cancelled?' well, sadly it's true.  This time it's well and truly out of my control.  I may as well fill you all in on the whole story as to why this has happened.

As some of you may know, I tore my left hamstring around about 8-9 weeks ago while running.  At first, it seemed to be just a strain.  I went for ART therapy, which breaks up the scar tissue via deep tissue massage, which by the way fucking hurts like you wouldn't believe.  After that, the pain seemed to move from the middle of the muscle to the point where it connects to the hip bone.  I then decided to stop the ART and spoke to my doctor who suggested an MRI.  The results came back which showed there was a partial tear on the tendon connecting to the hip bone, i.e where the pain had localised.  I had then had a consultation with a specialist who told me I probably wouldn't need surgery as long as I stopped running for a while and stuck to exercise like gym stuff and light biking on flat ground, if I wanted to mix it up.

So after a few weeks of getting back on my routine, the pain started to come back, but all over the area that was hurting before, which made no sense.  Over Christmas, I rested up in hope it would clear up and be OK, but the pain kept persisting to the point where I had to make a doctors appointment and get it checked out.  I was told that we should seriously think about surgery as an option now as this isn't normal.  If it was well and truly on the mend, it wouldn't have regressed.  

Anyway, tl:dr, I know... but that's where I'm at right now, so after surgery, healing, recovery time and starting physio again, there's no way I'm gonna be able to get on a plane from the US to the UK and then fly around Europe and do a bunch of gigs.  Well there is, but it would be in discomfort and unwise to do so.

Apologies to all the promoters and people who were waiting to hear my sets and believe me, this is as frustrating for me as it is for you.  I decided to post this now on NYE simply because fuck this year for me and health problems.  Hopefully I can start 2014 with a more positive spin on things and take it from there.

Cheers for reading,


Thomas Earl said...

Sorry to hear man, hope all is better in the new year.

Anonymous said...

How is the recovery going, man?

ASC said...

Frustratingly slow!

DOGEAR said...

Must be frustrating indeed, but your health is more important right now.
Try to think positive, it will help speed up recovery.
as long as it doesn't mess up your creativity it's going to be fine, in time.
take care man! And remember: people in Europe will survive this ;-)
It's not because you won't come over here that we will stop loving your work.

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