Thursday, April 11

Symbol #9 by Synth Sense - April 22nd

The final installment in the Symbol series will be with you on the 22nd of this month.  Synth Sense have been given the reigns to round off the series.  Have a listen to their offering here - you won't be disappointed!

Just a heads up - this will only be available from our Surus store on the 22nd and everywhere else a week later on the 29th.  This due to a delay at all the main pressing plants across Europe right now, due to Record Store Day, which is very shortly.  This has meant that ST Holdings won't take delivery of the stock in time to get it to the shops to list on the 22nd, so it will start appearing on other stores shortly after the 22nd, but more likely, the 29th.


Beau Wright said...

This is huge. Been waiting so long for this beautiful piece of work to be released and it's finally here. Thank you as always.

ASC said...

Much to our annoyance, there have been a bunch of delays out of our control. I'm just glad it's finally coming out very soon

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