Wednesday, April 3

Space Cadets & Halo Cyan Releases

Two brand new releases to tell you about.  The first is my second EP for Space Cadets

It features some pretty experimental stuff.  Opening with the soundscapes of Flood Tide Rising, which sits softly at 140 bpm, this EP kinda shows it's intentions off the bat.  Outflow is another downtempo excursion, this time at 85 bpm.  Dub techno chords and space is what this one is all about.  Rounding off the EP is the most dancefloor of all 3 tracks, if you can call it that...  Dream Of The Future.  Have a listen here:
Space Cadets Soundcloud
Next up is the long awaited Sonic Assault EP on Halo Cyan.

This release features 4 original tracks by myself and 3 remixes by other artists in total. On the vinyl version, there's the title track, along with a remix by the excellent Kangding Ray on side 1. Side 2 features 3 originals by myself, with Fourier System (which you might remember from my RA mix), Karma and Sympathy. There's 2 remixes included as extras on the digital version of the release by Chrissy Murderbot and Mike Slott. There's no set for all seven tracks on Halo Cyan's Soundcloud, so I'll just link to it here:
Halo Cyan Soundcloud

Both releases are out on April 15th / 16th respectively.

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therapy030 said...

i really love both releases.

sympathy on halo cyan is another track that reminds me of the beginning.
you guys totally changed my mind of dnb.

thank you so much for all your great music.
especially on aauxiliary.

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