Thursday, February 14

AUXCD005 - Pre-order and info

We're pleased to announce our first compilation CD in the form of Auxcast Volume One.  The compilation features 10 tracks from the first year of the Auxiliary podcast, known as Auxcast.  If you are new to the label and missed out, click the link on the nav bar and get yourself caught up.  We've put the audio up on for you to have a listen to.

Track list:

01 - AnD - Calmness
02 - Method One - Stalagmite
03 - Fis - Two Swords
04 - Sam KDC - Alleviate
05 - ASC - Missing You
06 - RQ - Waiting
07 - Bering Strait - Background
08 - Elemental - Archival
09 - Synth Sense - FM Voice Uplink
10 - ASC - Defiant To The End VIP

Now, while we have your attention and your appetite whet, here's the pre-order link to ensure yourself a copy of the CD:

As we've stated before, you get free MP3 download instantly on day of release when you buy the CD, so for the price, that makes for the best deal - plus you get to support our physical product, which is what the artists and everyone involved would like.  Enjoy!


djemptyx said...

positively a no-brainer impulsive buying decision. have a private round of applause from our house.

no trouble finding this one on the shelf.

Unknown said...

i purchased this from, would i be able to score a mp3 copy of this? what channels should i go though?

ASC said...

The only place you get free mp3's when buying the CD is our own store (Surus).

Beau Wright said...

Some real gems on this compilation, thank you so much for making this available. Would love to hear more from Imagination Network in the future as well. :)

therapy030 said...

thank you so much for your track "missing you". reminds me of nonplus' start.
your release on nonplus, and all the great music back in this days.

ASC said...

I'm glad someone picked up on that :)

djemptyx said...

just arrived in the post. what do i do? break it while anxiously removing plastic shrink-wrapping. wait, it was only the plastic holder around the disc that snapped in two. sighhh. disc unscathed an in rotation now. ah...panic attack

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