Friday, February 22

10 Mixes You Should Listen To

This post is inspired by me recently looking through my Cowon D2 player at all the mixes that I listen to that never get deleted.  It's in no specific order and I'll try and include links where possible.

ADMX-71 - Electric Deluxe Podcast 043

Techno legend Adam X dons his experimental ADMX-71 guise and drops a monstrous 2hr 30 min podcast for Electric Deluxe.  This mix opened up a lot of artists to me and introduced me to lot of styles I'd never heard before.  An essential lesson in darkness.

Graphite North - Unseen Selector Volume 10

I've been following this blog for a while, since I *think* it was linked to me via Chris over at mnml ssgs.  Anyway, this mix blew me away on first listen, and it still does.

Neel - Smoke Machine Podcast 058

This set is the epitome of everything I love about techno.  It has it all.  From the deep hypnotic, to the dubbier sounds and right through to drum machine workouts.  Absolutely brilliant.

Jonas Munk (Manual) - Dreamy Sounds From Odense

Manual is a serious talent I got hooked on after hearing his Azure Vista LP back in 2004, possibly 2005?  Anyway, this mix is exactly what he's all about. Recorded for ASIP's isolatedmix series, it's a hour long selection of lovely droney guitar and shoegaze vibes from him and artists from Odense, Denmark.

bvdub - Waiting For The World To Go By

This was the first mix recorded for the now defunct mnml ssgs blog.  It has helped me through some dark times and it just holds a special place in my heart for the way it's put together.  It features some of my fave artists and a ton of new stuff that I'd never heard before.  Possibly Brock's best mix he's ever done, although I'm sure he'll disagree with me!

Herd - Mantis Radio / Headphone Commute (joined together)

Herd may well be the second coming of FSOL.  His style is just that which made Lifeforms and ISDN such amazing LP's.  He combined both these great mixes into one big one, and it's definitely worth an hour and a half of your time.

Slipmatt - 88-89 Mix

I had to include this.  It's a total history lesson for those that weren't there, and a throwback to those that were.  This stuff is the very roots of where we are today in my opinion.  Early rave, breakbeat, acid house, you name it.  The veteran hardcore DJ has it covered and mixed expertly.

Dak - Minimal Techno Mix 1

Even though the title say minimal techno, this is a heavyweight dub techno selection, featuring all the names you'd expect.  Plenty of Maurizio, DeepChord, Porter Ricks and Chain Reaction label stuff.  This was the first mix I heard full of dub techno and set the bar pretty high.

Convextion - Live PA @ Faktion, Manchester 25-04-08

Gerard Hanson drops a live set full of his Convextion and E.R.P tracks and it's an absolute aural treat.  His knack for producing 'atmospheric electro' is in full evidence here.  I can't recommend this mix highly enough. 

ASC - Secret Thirteen Mix 039

I've included this one not because I did it, but because it's full of amazing music that I don't hear many other places.  I had the chance to really go deep with this one and present a collage of sounds that deserve your attention.  It's probably one of my favourite mixes I've done in the last few years.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this list. Some absolutely fantastic music.

djemptyx said...

thanks for the post. will definitely check out some of these - by the way, you should get a bandcamp fan account. would love to see what you got your ears on from there

Olly said...

Thanks for this treasure trove; based on the description I dived straight into the Mantis mix. Suffice to say I was not disappointed!

MPort said...

Thanks for the links. The Herd and bvdub mixes are fantastic.

Although you are likely already aware of them here are a couple of mixes I keep going back to:

Mig DFoe - Mix for astrangelyisolatedplace (2010)

Todos - Kilchurn Session I (2008)

As for ASC mixes it is hard to pick just one favorite but off the top of my head I still fire up the 'ssg special' mix you did in 2011 for Great mix.

Kx said...

Some amazing music there James, and i just got through the first two. Since your collaboration with Ulrich Schnauss I have been wanting to post this amazing mix by him. This seems an appropriate thread to do it :) its an oldie and I'm not sure if you have heard it. Everyone else, if you haven't heard it, just get it... Now. It's most definitely in my top ten mixes of all time.


Stan said...

Convextion - Live PA @ Faktion, Manchester 25-04-08 doesn't work. No matter how many times you press to play - it just won't move a bit (and obviously won't produce any sound)

ASC said...

Just checked it, works fine for me. Click download anyway!

Stan said...

Apparently my company's firewall blocked me ... Found it elsewhere that is open - great stuff. Thank you Mr ASC.
A big fan of your deep space mixes! Keep it up! You're master of making it happen the way that makes you FEEL something, unlike so popular today endless primitive beat.

Stan said...

For people: the actual issue is new cloudsound vs old cloudsound in a beta chrome browser.
Beta Chrome Browser will play the old cloudsound site, but won't even open the new style. The only option is to wipe out the old cache and switch to old style.

Stan said...

Secret Thirteen Mix 039 is ingenious. Thank you!

Matthew said...

Noice! Some top-shelf choices there James (EVERYTHING Neel touches is gold in my book), and some that I have yet to hear. I love this! It's kind of the classic "What's in your car stereo?" type question, that really allows us (the fans) to get a peek at what inspires you.

And this all reminds me of something: Is there any chance that you may, someday, do a Mindspan mix? I just think that would be most awesome. :)

ASC said...

There was a small 30 min Mindspan mix in Episode Three of Auxcast:Phase Two. I will eventually do a full length mix, but it's the sort of thing that takes time and planning, and with everything I have going on right now, it's hard to fit anything else in!

Matthew said...

Oh yeah! Yes, the one I just listened to last week. ;)

Right on though! James, I would expect nothing less from you man. Planning, meticulousness, and execution are all hallmarks of your art. And, as biased as I am towards Mindspan (seriously: I *will* have Helion Prime played at my funeral), I eagerly devour all your projects.

On topic: That Dak mix is really special. Love those smooth little peaks and valleys. And, whoa boy, that Convextion set is immense: dark yet light, heavy yet deft, emotive but not sappy. Thanks for the good recommendations!

ASC said...

Thanks Matthew! Glad you enjoyed them. I plan to start doing more posts like this and spread more art and music that people may not be aware of in the future.

Erik Olson said...

Great post, looking forward to checking all of these out. I'm sure you put a lot of time into putting together your secret 13 mix. If I had to choose a more recent mix from you, my pick would be the live set from Tar and Feathered. Totally insane. The production value on your tracks is so high. I hope everyone checks that out too :)

Herd said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the support.Im working on another mix in the same style at the minute as well as some new Tangents.cheers

ASC said...

Anytime, Herd. Keep up the great work!

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