Tuesday, December 4

2013 Q1 Release Schedule

So, no doubt you've all got your hands on our last release of the year, AUX007 by Ulrich Schnauss and myself and are probably wondering what's in store for early next year, right?  Well read on.

Here's what we have scheduled, very probably in this order:

AUXCD005 - Various Artists - Auxcast Volume One (CD & Digital)
AUXSYM009 - Symbol #9 by Synth Sense (Vinyl & Digital)
AUXTR007 - ASC - Remixes by Synth Sense, Sam KDC & Method One (Digital Only)
AUXTR008 - ASC - Archival.02 EX.EP (Digital Only)

The Auxcast CD was delayed from the end of this year.  We had hoped to get it out before Phase Two kicked off, but decided against it, as releasing too much stuff near the end of the year isn't usually a good idea, so that'll be the first release of next year.  10 cuts from the first 12 Auxcasts, featuring 10 unreleased gems.

Synth Sense will bring their unique sound to the Symbol series for installment #9.  Four lovely pieces of music, two which you have heard previews of in previous Auxcasts, the other two, well, you most likely will hear them in an Auxcast before the release.

The first of two digital releases is a remix EP by myself.  Sadly, we can't release everything on physical format these days, as it's just not cost effective, so we've decided this will be digital only.  It'll feature three remixes of older tracks by myself.  First is Time Is Now, remixed by Synth Sense, then you have Metronomic remixed by Sam KDC, and Method One rounds off proceedings with a remix of Reality Check.

If you remember the first Archival.01 EX.EP, the idea was a digital compilation of older tracks by myself featured in mixes from 2009-2010 roughly.  Archival.02 EX.EP is the same format - extended EP compilation of some of the older tracks by myself that people keep asking about.  I'll announce the track list when it's 100% confirmed.

Anyway, we're looking forward to offering more quality music in 2013, so keep your ears locked to the Auxcasts and your eyes to the blog to hear and see what's going on.     


Anonymous said...


Michal said...

Start of 2013 looks big for Auxilary, keep the quality music coming. As for Archival.02 EX.EP, I'd love to have "Shortwave" on it (known from one of your 2010 mixes).

ASC said...

It'll be on there :)

elusive said...

i hope "You & Me" will be on archival.02 ex ep.
i'm sure it will be an another great year for auxiliary!

IntraSight said...

Very, very excited for 'Auxcast Volume One' - in the era of the Autonomic Podcasts, it was so sad to see such amazing quality dubs go to waste by not getting their full release. So hyped to see a podcast series actually taking a step out there and releasing full tracks of previously small snippets. Another brilliant trailblaze by Auxiliary! (P.S. Would love to see 'Fulcrum' get a full outing - same vibes as 'Landlocked' for me and that one easily smashed my 2012 top 10.)

ASC said...

Fulcrum won't be on the CD, but I do intend to release it at some stage this year.

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