Tuesday, May 8

RQ - Memory Fields - Out Now

Our next CD release on Auxiliary is available now. No pre-order business this time! RQ - Memory Fields - http://www.surus.co.uk/Auxiliary/Memory-Fields-17495.aspx - Once again, it's a low priced CD and you get the MP3's when you buy the CD, so it makes total sense to support the physical product!

Featuring four original pieces by RQ and remixes by myself (both as ASC and Mindspan), Sam KDC, bvdub & Anders Peterson from Ghost Sounds. It's limited edition and exclusive to our Surus store until May 21st. Don't miss out, grab yours now!


djemptyx said...

sitting here listening to the virtual while waiting for the physical.

i've been transported to the center of a large frozen lake which is slowly being warmed and expanding causing cavernous grindings and sub tones. with the various widths and spaces you could really place your brain anywhere but within a closed confine, unless of course you choose to close up so tight that you're falling inward and then outward within using tracks like Glowing Beyond and Hounds as transportation.

recommend an aura cushion paired with good phones and very little distraction (or good quiet company)

djemptyx said...

Eet's here now. Just love the cover graphic. Btw getting some drumtastic use out of ASC sample-pack. Clean stuff. Do it again, please :)

ASC said...

Hah! Funny you mention that, as I'm finishing off the follow up now

djemptyx said...

That made my day! Cheers :)

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