Friday, May 4


So you may recall me posting about Limbo a while back and how that game sucked me in with it's eerie setting and immense soundtrack.  Fez has pretty much done the same, but in an totally different way.  The graphics are deliberately 8bit and colourfully primal in their appearance.  The soundtrack is what won my heart straight away.  If ever there was a game and a soundtrack that are a perfect match for each other, then this is it.  If you don't have an Xbox 360 to experience this unique game, then you can at least check out the audio by Disasterpeace over on his bandcamp site:


King said...

Have you played Machinarium yet? Another fantastic game with a brilliant soundtrack!

ASC said...

I haven't. What format is it for?

djemptyx said...

Machinariurum is indeed all-around beautiful. We sat and played it half-way through one night a couple years ago.

That FEZ soundtrack was lovwvvwly, thanks for sharing the link. Some of the dreamy moments reminded me of Secede's aural dreamworlds. I don't own a TV so there won't be any console gaming here, but I take your word for it that FEZ is wonder-full

MPort said...

Ya Limbo was great. Will definitely check out Fez. Looks interesting.

Another game to checkout is called Contre Jour. I just downloaded it for my iPad the other day. Gorgeous visuals and soundtrack not to mention some addictive gameplay. If you've got an iOS device it comes highly recommended.

Matthew said...

Great post! Now I KNOW I'll be playing this tonight. lol. Yeah, love the concept, love the gameplay, adore the soundtrack. Fantastic game!

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