Wednesday, April 11

Update time

I haven't had much chance to update the blog recently, as there's been a lot going on, plus the fact that I've been suffering with a back injury for the past month now, so I figure I'd take the time and let you know what's going on.

Right then, all things Auxiliary first.  AUX004 by myself and Synkro is out April 23rd.  After that you got AUXCD002 by RQ, AUX005 by Abstract Elements, and Indigo makes his Auxiliary debut on Symbol #7.  Amongst that lot, you'll be able to get your hands on an Auxiliary t-shirt from our Surus store if you're quick.  We'll also bundle in an exclusive digital EP when you buy the t-shirt too.  More info on that soon.

So, what else is there to look forward too?  Well, quite a bit actually.  Method One is putting the finishing touches to his second outing, which will be on AUX006Sam KDC has just sent me his final tracks for Symbol #8 too, which just needs a final mixdown and it's ready to go.  There's plans to introduce another series later this year too, but I won't say too much yet - just whet your appetite with anticipation instead.

Right, onto my stuff.  Well, I was supposed to be doing a European tour next month, but I've had to put those plans on hold because of the back injury I was talking about earlier.  I'll have to wait and assess the situation and see if and when I can fit it in to say if it'll happen.  We'll see.

Music wise, I've just completed a few remixes.  One of which is for my old friend Mav, who's currently putting together his LP.  I believe the remix is for a remix project to be released after the album drops, but I'm not 100% sure yet.  The other remix you can hear in one of the recent Auxcast's and it's for a vinyl release by Absys, featuring a track by Hatti Vatti from Poland.

Already completed, is a remix for Blocks & Escher of their track Heartshaped.  That'll be out this month on their Narratives label.  There's a bunch of stuff lined up for Silent Season too, including the second Mindspan album and a follow up to The Light That Burns Twice as Bright.  There's some other major news, but that will have to wait until the time is right!

That will do for now :)

PS.  Don't be shy with the comments.  They seem to have almost stopped recently.  Interaction is good


Maxouzzz said...

That's true. I've been surprized to only see a few comments lately. Anyway, I hope you will soon feel much better. I'm glad to read that you are working on so many projects at the moment (ie. follow-up of on the the light as well as new symbol series). Also if it is not the right place, I just want to say that I was stunned by your last podcast especially the first track which is really outstanding. Can we expect this one to be released soon ? The end of it was also very nice...was there a preview on one of your ambien project on it....well I'm impatient and will wait for the tracklisting next month. The T-shirt bundle is a very good idea... Hope I was not too long. Max (Belgium)

ASC said...

Thanks for the comment Max. The first track on Auxcast 7 is by Ruxpin. It's from a new project he's doing for n5MD under the Asonat guise. The LP will be out in a few months I think? No previews of my new ambient stuff yet, but perhaps in next months Auxcast!

Anonymous said...

I definitely need to get a t-shirt, been hoping you would put some out for some time now. Anyways, cant wait for these new releases, especially excited for the Abstract Elements release, love their stuff. But great to here you're busy and the label seems like its doing well, everything you've released is second to none and from the looks of it that wont be changing any time soon. Also thanks for doing all the Auxcasts, they keep me going throughout the week and hold me over until new stuff gets released. Anyways sorry to here about your back, hope you get well soon. Peace

j├Ârgen said...

Geez, the release pipeline is looking stellar (and long heh)!

Good luck and stay strong. Back troubles are horrible, can't sit stand or lie down T_T


David Tetris said...

Psyched for LTBTAB sequel, project was special. That dropping this year? Or too soon to confirm? When do you plan on making your foray into soundtrack work man? Your sounds could have a remarkable relationship with the moving image.

Feel better bro. Thanks for the vibes.

ASC said...

I believe it will be autumn this year. As for soundtrack stuff, we'll see ;)

ASC said...

..and thanks for the well-wishes guys

djemptyx said...

sorry to hear about your back. back problems are not an easy fix sometimes and i hope you are not in the severe or long-term category. my wife has complications + periodic inflamation around the lower neck/shoulder region due to several years work in a nursing home. would be better if she would continue with her exercises ;P i wish you luck with your healing routines.

i check in a little less these days but asc blog remains in my chrome start page ;P didn't know the lack of commentary was missed. thought perhaps it was more appreciated. gives more of that deep space feeling where one can hear his own if that is always good ;P

anyway, looks like a hotxiliary summer ahead. i'll take it. jonsing for that mindspan. i think i've mentioned that enough times.

thanks for the inclusion of ERP lament subrosa on Aux7. one of my absolute favourites. love getting pummeled in the head with those super echoing synthlines and heavenly choirlike chords.

having decayed soc on random rotation lately. severely zoned and faded to nothing night before last to No Safety Zone.

take care to take care

Anonymous said...

I hope you are getting well! Back problems are nasty. I do have 3 herniated discs! Take some yoga lessons. It is the only thing that works for me!

IntraSight said...

Hope your back still isn't giving you too much jip, just take your time and get back on the road to recovery. Don't rush it, your health is the most important thing here. Plenty of good energy your way.;)

As for the t-shirt, I absolutely can't wait. I missed out on the limited Autonomic tees, which I was gutted about and recently nabbed an Absys tee... But an Aux one will more than make up for.

Last question, is there any news on a release of yours and Vaccine's track 'Heartfelt'? I adored it in the various places it peeked it's head out from, and i'd love to see a full release.

ASC said...

Thanks :) As for Heartfelt, probably won't get a release by the looks of things

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