Sunday, April 1

AUX005 - Abstract Elements

Abstract Elements - Fourth Dimension EP

A - Fourth Dimension
B1 - Apocalypse
B2 - Vortex Field

Have a listen: Soundcloud
Release information soon.


IntraSight said...

Seems like years since we first heard 'Fourth Dimension' and 'Vortex Field' on the podcasts way back when. (Probably was years by now.)

Good to see them finally getting a release.

ASC said...

As it goes, I was listening to a bunch of stuff Bop had sent over and I asked him about those tracks, as I STILL played them out, and it turned out they were unsigned. There you have it!

Anonymous said...

when's this due for release? about time i would say... ;)

ASC said...

June 18th. Slight delay with the pressing plant.

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