Wednesday, April 6

Loopmasters - ASC Experimental Drum & Bass sample pack

I've been talking about this for a while, but it's finally out.  900mb of pads, atmospheres, keys, beats, bass, glitches, fx and everything else you might possibly need.  All sampler formats are covered too, and all for the low price of 29.95 GBP.

Here's a short production related interview I did with Kmag for the promotion of the sample pack:


djemptyx said...

Inspiring construction materials...for someone. I'm sure it will go like hotcakes. Btw, is your "converted garage" treated acoustically? Just curious. All garage music I've heard is reflecting all over the planet. But perhaps this is how you get that spaced-out sound.

I brought an ESQ'1 and Juno60 w me when I relocated from the states. I like to just program patches on those and not do anything with them but bug my soon-to-be nurse and her cats. I may have to pick up your sounds just for the hellovit later

ASC said...

There's a false wall that we put up which is acoustically sound. The spacey sound comes from lots of reverb ;)

djemptyx said...

Reverb, what a dead world it would be without it. ;) Hey DSM#3 really put me in a space today as I was driving to the shop to get the winter tires changed out on the car (hallelujah). Thanks for sharing the moods. Furthermore, the drop-off transition into the final Aphex track (my favourite ambient record of the entire multiverse) was kind of like falling from the Verona Rupes.

djemptyx said...

Grabbed the kit. Don't know what'll do with it. Pull on it. Stretch on it. Modulate on it. Some thing. It was for a good cause is all I care. Still not buying vinyl however. Would have to be reeeeeally something to warrant that coming through the doors. Your friends They Live just released a brain re-programming album I put on last night. Really like the mental-ity...felt I was watching,..well...They Live the movie. Now where'd I put those sunglasses, the sun is setting somewhere, I can feel it

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