Monday, April 11

Ambitronic EP - Out now

The first EP on Auxiliary Transmissions is available now from all major digital stores.  This is a new series that will feature tracks that are just a little too risky or 'out there' for vinyl.  The first EP features 4 tracks - As The Dust Settles, Black Hole Collapse, Ambitronic & Moonraker.  You can check out the tracks on Auxiliary Soundcloud.


Lixx said...


djemptyx said...

yet another release which emphasizes ASC's innate ability to construct sustainable space inside the listener's head. nice with the accented dusty glassy static-electric clicks on atds, they certainly contrast well with the almost tribal bass underside of the track. my ears did indeed feel miles away from the vibration around my toes. also discovered hypnotic 'ambitronic' mixes seamlessly into carbon based lifeforms "artificial island" w/ all the lulling effects intact. found moonraker's attention-arresting overdriven bass-drum melody quite nice, esp. in earphones. check. now off to purchase Instra:mental's new baby

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