Saturday, March 12

Video game classics

Bit of a nerdy post, but I don't care hah.  I recently got all of mine and Christine's old consoles out of storage.  For the record we have a NES, a SNES, an N64, a PS1, a Japanese PS2, a slimline US PS2, a Sega Saturn and a Sega Dremcast.  I also found an old GBA and my first gen DS, both of which are gathering dust.  I hardly have the time these days to sit and replay old games, but when I do, it's always a nice trip down memory lane.  So here's a little round up of what I managed to dig out yesterday.

Radiant Silvergun - Sega Saturn

Classic shooter from Treasure.  Japanese release only, much to the dismay of many shoot 'em up fans worldwide.  The price of this game, if you are lucky enough to find one, has gone through the roof in recent years due to the rareness and demand for it.  Expect to be looking at a couple of hundred dollars for a copy, plus you also need a Japanese Saturn or a modded Saturn to be able to play it.  The term 'they don't make 'em like this anymore' is very apt for this title.

Quick YouTube video of some gameplay footage, in case you've never played it, or just fancy a nostalgia trip.

Ikaruga - Sega Dreamcast

Ikaruga is Treasure's (loose) sequel to Radiant Silvergun, but takes things in a different direction.  Everything is now about a balance between  yin and yang.  You hit white enemies with your red/black beams, and vice versa.  You can absorb white shots when you are in white mode and vice versa also.  Sounds easy?  Yeah, try playing it..  it's not!

Quick YT vid here:

Rez - Sega Dreamcast

This game is one hell of an experience.  It blew me away when I first played it and did the same when I got the HD remake on the 360 when it came out a while back.  You shoot in time with the music.  As you advance through the layers, the track playing builds.  An amazing concept really.  It features some great music from Ken Ishii & Adam Freeland to name but a few.

Check it:

I've got a bunch of other games to go through when I have time, which I'm looking forward to, so I might put up a post with the ones I pick out when/if I do.


~Fabi said...


Special K said...

thats good to see. I loved Rez when it came out too and spent a bit of time playing in 2002. still holds up well!

Matthew said...

OT: Although a puzzle game, Lumines shares some similarities with Rez. As you "clear blocks" and string together combos, the music follows along with you to create a dynamic and shifting soundtrack.

Back on-topic: Love, love, LOVE pretty much everything Treasure does. Brilliant designers. Very cool that you still have the discs, AND the consoles on which to play them. :)

Matthew said...

Sorry for the double post (d'oh!), but I thought I would pass along that Radiant Silvergun is slated for release on XBLA at some point this year. Very good news indeed!

ASC said...

Hehe yeah, already seen that. I'm looking fwd to that big time! There's been a YouTube trailer up for some time now, here:

Matthew said...

Thanks for the address! I just had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard. Ack! Now I'm REALLY excited!

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