Saturday, March 12

Label update

Up next:

AUXSYM001 - Symbol #1 by ASC.  3 exclusive tracks to kick off the Symbol series.  Check audio out here.  Should be in shops within the next 3-4 weeks.

AUXSYM002 - Symbol #2 by ASC & Bvdub.  Serious collaborations happening here with me teaming up with ambient legend, Bvdub (Brock Van Wey).  4 tracks were crafted, from beat-less ambient, right through to 170bpm autonomic styled tracks.  This release is being mastered right now and will be sent for production once test presses have been approved.  Audio previews coming soon.

AUXTR001 - ASC - Ambitronic EP. Auxiliary Transmissions is a new outlet for everything that's a little more suited for the headphones of home, rather than the dancefloor.  The first installment serves up an EP of 4 of the deepest and sublime tracks you're likely to hear this year.  Out very soon at all digital stores.


AUX003 - ASC - No Secrets (****** Remix) / No Secrets / Pulsate
AUX004 - ASC - Metronomic (Commix Remix) / Dark Star / Error Code
AUXSYM003 - Symbol #3 by Consequence
AUXSYM004 - Symbol #4 by Sam KDC

I'll announce who's done the remix for 003 when it's done, but it shouldn't be too long.

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