Wednesday, March 23



michiel said...

release date?

djemptyx said...

Spring greetings to you and yours ASC.

Recently surfed in upon a long lucky stream with a flock of eager cranes. Nevertheless...I have been watching/listening to your progressions from a land of northern lights. Rest assured, I've got my ears on you still...And...Yes, I [am] still eagerly awaiting any new gracious Mindspan offering that might be lightly tapping, scratching and wheezing deep inside your file cabinet, anxious to spring out into the open.

Our warm Star is near again. It's the beginning of a Real new year, says the bird that just moved in on the tree outside. Make like this is the final countdown and send us on with a fantastic gamma-ray pulse, before we slip over some stupidly unforseen event horizon that sends our atomic structures streching endlessly out within some hole of compacted light.

ASC said...

Hah! I love your posts Mr Empty X :)

djemptyx said...

Anything worth saying is worth saying correctly. I learned this from Bambi :)

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