Monday, March 28

It's too bad she won't live...

...but then again, who does?


djemptyx said...

She may not... but what do you believe about him? does he go on living or does he soon expire along with the others?

ASC said...


djemptyx said...

do not believe it. the whole story falls to pieces if he is one of them. the whole thing is built on a human perspective on a closed reality the way i see it. bahhhhh. and the final part with Batty seems all wrong if he is one of them. i don't care what Ridley seems to have envisioned about him. it's all wrong if it were true.

djemptyx said...

Skin-jobs having such impact on things...hideous. Hey look (but not too long)

ASC said...

A few things to consider. The Tyrell motto is 'more human than human'. If you were a Replicant, how would you know? You would act and feel just as a normal human would. You would have an artificially created past by way of memory implants, so you wouldn't know when your 4 years were up. Also you send a wolf to catch a wolf!

It's all ambiguous for a reason, so the argument for Deckard being a Repicant is just as strong as the one for him not.

djemptyx said...

More human that human, exactly...however Batty was supposedly be the Top-o-the-line N6 model right? I mean there was much ado about this before he crushed Tyrells thinking cap. And, all of the 'replicant' line, no matter how "advanced", exhibited some odd air about them. (of course my view) IMHO Ford's Deckard was just way too human in the movie to be remotely convincingly a creation of human beings. Check the romance scenes and all of the more personal moments and narration. I just don't believe Tyrell had a hand in him. Watch again. He never exhibits any replicant-ish behaviour. Plus the movie falls short of my expections if he were to be one of them because I very much like the part in the end where Batty shows conditionless compassion for...a human being...despite the fact that we deny the right for our creations to become..human..themselves. Epic point for me.

djemptyx said...

Mr. ASC, where can one purchase the Symbol label offerings+MCD? Very excited for these tracks. Did I miss something? Quite possible... I slept asleep

ASC said...

Symbol #1 is out April 11th. 250 copies limited orange vinyl, or digitally everywhere too. What do you mean by MCD?

djemptyx said...

MCD means,...Oh me...I forgot. No matter...

do we have a cage complex?

play Loud

the mystery among the daily frames
a native crowd underlines crime
somewhere the brains create profit by
some well organized disinterest
contentment overfed with feigned luxury
we didnt recognize the screen
a troublesome smile overshadows the brightened sky
trustful it wraps up any movement towards outside views
reduced to a single moment of truth infecting all of us
the non-existent protect
haunted by a perfect dream
trying to leave
we didnt regonize the screen
ignorance regulates the degree
of reality that offers me harmony, integrates me opened eyes for a while but
didn't recognize that the sun doesn't shine


cities close to the seas
calming objects, to me
trying to keep it in memory
before all illusion leaves a dead letter
"first contact - growing fear"
life lessons like old time movies casting a deadly spell - running scared
a memory plays
cities beneath the seas
brave new system
those last legends wanted dead or alive
the world sounds so small
haunting passion duplicates minutes
afternoon attached
visitor's choice the force of nature's interface
homeworld fear
inside colour of authority in suspicious


Daniel Meyer is up there with Mother Brain...and ASC, of course ;)

djemptyx said...

...And later, no less brilliant material...


(whole album rox)

djemptyx said...

did you like those? your first symbol is on my radar. i'm zeroing in. still digesting ambitronic. just bought a black blofeld keyboard to keep me entertained (and everyone else in the house scared). one of the best things is that it has the ASC colour scheme (but that is only 5/4ths the reason i purchased it, if you know what i mean)

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