Tuesday, March 23

'Nothing Is Certain LP' preview mini-mix

Featured on Mary Anne Hobbs' show on BBC Radio 1 last Wednesday.  Tracklist is as follows:

01 - ASC - Absent Mind [NonPlus+]
--- - ASC - Oort Cloud [NonPlus+]
02 - ASC - Fade Away Seasons (feat. Consequence) [NonPlus+]
03 - ASC - The Depths [NonPlus+]
04 - ASC - Lost For Words [NonPlus+]
05 - ASC - Phobos [NonPlus+]
06 - ASC - Losing You [NonPlus+]
07 - ASC - Opus (feat. Vaccine) [NonPlus+]


djemptyx said...

i'm saving words for after i hear this the way it is meant to be heard. until then i have to say that it teases to be verrry smooth, esp. rhythm/bass/fx as they slide and creep along together to form moods that congeal to form a relaxed cognitive and sensual space. i am anticipating elements sounding clear despite the surrounding depths and washes. perhaps my the electric pulses in my headspace liken the wild activity one would expect within the Oort cloud...

as a side note, i definitely enjoy Consequences new LP and the From A Distance collab. it is nice to see more teamwork in the form of Fade Away Seasons. Live for never because nothing is certain.

Unknown said...

Can this be uploaded again?

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