Sunday, March 21

Brian Eno

Listening to Brian Eno's Music For Films LP at the moment from 1976.  The guy is a genius in my opinion.  It's by no means his best work, that for me, would be 'The Pearl' in collaboration with Harold Budd, but this is up there along with Apollo.  Great music to listen to for inspiration.


Bis said...

Oh yes!

The LP "The Plateux of Mirror" with Herold Budd is also an awfully nice piece of music!

djemptyx said...

The Pearl is fantastic for voluntary/involuntary reflection. On this wave, do you have any intention to take a project like Mindspan further after the new LP has had time to breathe?

ASC said...

There is more Mindspan to be released at some stage for sure. As to if and when it will happen, I'm not sure.

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