Friday, March 12

Lots of music

The amount of music about at the moment is nothing short of staggering.  Over the last month or so, I've been receiving some very high quality tracks via AIM and Soundcloud.  I've also been hearing a lot of good tracks from other people on various mixes and radio shows and such.  What is surprising, is a lot of these tracks I've been sent are from people I've never heard of until now, and the standard is of a decent level.  The only thing I'd suggest to any newcomers, is try and take your influences from outside of drum & bass, try and do something new.  As nice as some of these tracks are, I can't help feel that a bunch of these have been produced by listening to the Autonomic Podcasts and then trying to have a go at that style.  

Anyway, I don't mean to get negative, as that wasn't the point in the post, so to all you producers out there sending me your music, keep it coming, and keep trying to do your own thing!

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