Tuesday, March 9

Blu Mar Ten - She Moves Through (ASC Remix)

The original was always a fave of mine from back in the day.  I'd often open up sets with it.  This remix came about after a chat with Chris from Blu Mar Ten, when he suggested I should take a crack at it.  We both knew that because the original was signed to a label that would never let it come out, that there was a very high percentage this would stay as a dubplate, but I thought what the hell and did the remix anyway out of love for the original purely.

Anyway, after a number of months doing the rounds in the sets of Instra:mental, dBridge, Loxy, Doc Scott and obviously Blu Mar Ten and myself, we decided that it was time to offer it you in MP3 format for free.  Now you are probably skimming this text thinking, ok, where's the link at?  Go here, and follow the instructions:


djemptyx said...

fantastic. thank you very very much for sharing

Thomas said...

Thank you very much! Amazing track, cant wait to hear what you got next..

funk tone said...

fantastic remix!

Anonymous said...

I am crazy about this music , btw I 've started making similar music in my FL studio , and using this drum pack, what is ur opinion about it?

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