Friday, February 12

Some of the feedback recieved for NONPLUS003

So as many of you know, the release of Porcelain on NonPlus+ really opened my sound up to a LOT of new fans, listeners and industry people in general.  Since then, the it's been a bit of a snowball effect, and things have been getting better and better with everything I do.  I was just going back over some old emails, when I found this one which I thought I would share.

ATM Review

As we eagerly awaitin ASC’s album forthcoming on NonPlus+ we are treated to a 12 of the future and whats to come.  With the wave on excellent new music coming out of the NonPlus+ stable its hard to keep up with it, but try you must as Focus Inwards & Porcelain have made serious impressions on many with the angle that ASC is coming, proper music – unique sounds/soundscapes and the tightest of mixdowns make this 12 one for the long game, with every listen you will hear more, go where you want to go with it and never come back !

I'll add more reviews when I can find them, but here's some quotes Rocket Science Media received back from some very big names in regards to the 12"

Laurent Garnier (F Com/Worldwide) “Wow. 2 great electronica tracks. Will playlist.“
Robert Owens (Compost) “Really digging both of these tracks. Opening my mind further, thanks for these again.”
Mary Anne Hobbs (Radio 1 Breezeblock) “love both.. especially ASC 'Porcelain' which i will play next week on Radio1.”
Pete (Mixmag) “What a 12, Non Plus carving their own scene. Will submit a review for you.”
Andrew (Ubiquity) “really liked the moody ASC tracks, will play on my radio show and DJ sets.”
Jazzanova (Worldwide) “Wonderful and different music coming from this camp. “
Jame (Ninja Tune) ”This ASC 12 is bigg! Will support on show and in the club.”

I highlighted these ones aside from the usual drum & bass people's quotes, just to show how what I'm part of is really bridging gaps and genres.  It really is just electronic music that most of the time happens to be at 170bpm and I'm so pleased to see people who I've grown up listening to, like Laurent Garnier and Jazzanova supporting my music.  Definitely a proud moment reading this for me.

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