Friday, February 12

More NONPLUS003 Reviews

DJ Mag
The Autonomic sound - BPMs and vibes lurking between the no-man's land of dubstep and drum & bass, and propagated by D-Bridge and Instra:mental - is quietly but confidently making its mark. Non Plus+, the label run by the latter duo, and an outlet for their unique material, intrigues in many ways. Never quite convincing in the dance, but always inspiring in the intricate detail. This release, very much like Burial, comes into its own in the headphones.

If you've been following the essential Autonomic podcast series from Instra:mental and DBridge, you'll have no doubt heard the productions of ASC. For the last 10 years he's forged a hi-tech steppers sound for Covert Operations, Ohm and Offshore, heavily informed by the textures of techno and IDM. For his first release on Instra:mental's Non Plus label he approaches his sound from two different tempos. 'Porcelain' is the more typical tech-stepping sound, programming clinically syncopated breakbeats with darkened atmospherics. On 'Focus Inwards' he explores the dubstep tempo at 140bpm, crafting a lurching halfstepper with slick double-timed hi-hats and a sound sphere reminiscent of T++.

(although I must point out that Focus Inwards isn't 140bpm. lol) 

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