Tuesday, September 11


It's been a while since I've made a proper informative blog post. Mainly, this has been down to the fact that I just haven't felt like writing anything. Add to that, a bunch of travel and an ongoing serious amount of work, and I'm sure you'll understand that it can be mentally draining to jump back on the computer and type for a bit.

There will most likely be three more Auxiliary releases before the end of the year, if all goes to plan and there are no pressing plant delays. Cross your fingers! As usual, there won't be any information until pre-orders are available. I know a fair few of you have asked why this is the case and why we don't show an upcoming release schedule anymore. First of all, plans can change. Sometimes we decide to move things about. Secondly, delays disappoint people, so it's best to not say anything until it's time to release.

There's a few ASC releases scheduled for other labels this year, including another EP for ARTS. I've also contributed tracks to a few compilations, which I'll post about when they are ready for release. There's also a Comit album done. More news on that later too.

One thing I want to address is the recent shift in ASC work over the last few years that has led to more techno releases, than say Grey Area or 170. I plan to address that in the next 12 months or so, and balance it all out a bit more evenly.

Finally, I don't play out often anymore, but I did three gigs in the space of three months, which is a rarity in itself. So a big thank you to On The 5th Day in London, Aphotic in New York City, and Vent/Elephant in Tokyo. Three very memorable shows that had amazing vibes and brilliant crowds to play for, and three exemplary hosts/promotion crews that did their utmost to ensure I had the best time possible at their events. Much love and respect to you all!

So other than that, I'm about to start work on music for a new TV show due for release sometime in 2019. This will no doubt keep me busy for the rest of the year, but I'm sure I'll find the time to drop the odd podcast/mix here and there. On the off-chance that I neglect the blog again, which is very possible, keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook. Links are on the navigation panel on the left. Until next time, peace.

PS. There's now a Spotify widget on the navigation panel too. Feel free to follow and listen if you use it.


djemptyx said...

understood. best of luck in your endeavours, as we eagerly await the results.

esk said...

Glad to hear you doing well. You been going hard for so long... still are just shift with the scoring TV stuff, cool. Sandwell District and your stuff is the only recent techno I still bump. Can't wait to hear the new music man.

Sander said...

Thank you for the update busy man. Good to hear about the upcoming releases still for this year end.... AND a Comit album finished, something to look forward to !

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