Tuesday, November 7

Two new releases to tell you about...

First up, new debut on Auxiliary:

AUX019 - Unknown Path - Pathfinder
Buy Vinyl: http://found.ee/AUX019
Buy Digital: https://auxiliary.bandcamp.com/album/pathfinder-volume-one
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/auxiliarylabel/aux019-unknown-path-pathfinder-volume-one

Also out now, is my newest release for the Horo label.

HOROEX14 - ASC - Point Of Origin
Buy Vinyl: https://www.voidvinyl.com/products/asc-point-of-origin
Buy Digital: https://asc77.bandcamp.com/album/point-of-origin
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/horolabel/sets/asc-point-of-origin

Pre-orders are shipping this week.


Nika Bosmit said...

Hello. Why the info about some ASC releases not present in this blog or ASC twitter/facebook?
for example https://www.discogs.com/ASC-Sentinel-EP/release/11135306
Is this Yours? Thanks.

ASC said...

@Nika - mainly because Sentinel wasn't out when I made this post and I've been travelling and haven't had chance to make a new post yet!

Nika Bosmit said...

Thank You again. I'm big fan of Your music, so i don't want miss anything:).

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