Wednesday, March 1

Grey Area, Volume Five

We're already up to Volume Five of our Grey Area series. If you've been under a rock since we launched this project, Grey Area is a joint label collaboration between Auxiliary and Horo. Volume Five is possibly the strongest release to date in this series.

Pre-order the vinyl now:


NeoTStyle said...

Is there any chance at all that you might release Exulansis, Solar Reaction, and that one Oneironaut Remix, as heard on the Live @ Ohm, Berlin - 12/12/2015 mix? Such fantastic tracks.

ASC said...

@NeoTStyle Solar Reaction just came out on VEIL004. Get yourself a copy here:

The other two won't be coming out though.

Unknown said...

Man, I was going to ask about some other tracks on the insputselector mix, I bump that daily it seems. All good though, will be a pleasant surprise if I ever see a blog post with news of their release :)

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