Tuesday, August 2

Near Death

I got a message from Kent at Orthogonal Games initially asking me how he would go about licensing some of my music from Time Heals All and Truth Be Told, to name a few. The discussion then changed to the possibility of me providing a brand new score especially for the game. I'd never done a video game score before, but I'd just recently finished 3 film scores, so I jumped at the chance to be involved. Today marked the release of this game. It's called Near Death and you play as a survivor of a plane crash on a remote research base in the Antarctic. The premise of the game is to survive the condition 1 storm and the elements and live long enough to make your escape. It's a fantasticly brutal game, especially when you turn the hints off and try and fend for yourself! I'm delighted to have worked on this and I'd love it if you all went and bought a copy of it (with the DLC soundtrack, of course hehe) and let me know what you think at some point.

Links to buy the game are all here:

Not a gamer? I've got you covered too:


Kytel Music said...

Just having a listen...
It sounds amazing. From just watching the trailer you can hear how much depth it adds to the game. One to be proud of James

ASC said...

Thanks Carl. Much appreciated mate.

Hope some of you have played it by now. Let me know what you think when you do.

Tranquil-Music Official said...

nice one james awesome soundtrack

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