Saturday, August 27

Colours Fade

I decided to put together two compilations of tracks written between 2011 and 2012 mainly. That specific time was very rich in creativity for me and resulted in a lot of music being made. Unfortunately, not everything I write can come out.  This is sometimes a good thing, as it weeds out the tracks that perhaps aren't as good as others, but this period was different I felt. Upon listening to the tracks presented in these compilations, you'll hear the standard and quality is on par with pretty much everything that I released around that time.  I lovingly went through my hard drive and selected 8 tracks per volume that I felt would make a cohesive listen, as well as presenting them in the best manner. So without saying too much more, go and buy them both here:

ASC Bandcamp


grassepatch said...

You feel anything sparked this creative period ?

Out of nowhere, been feeling it recently these last few weeks.

ASC said...

No idea really. I never really analyse it when it happens.

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